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  1. I guess Gates magic really is dangerous...
  2. Not quite? I was trying to build on the discussion of how a spell could be thought to "negate" cold, even though negation only acts on heat (presumably because Cyve doesn't have radically different thermodynamics.)
  3. Modification of people's perception (I'm guessing that's where Glamour "negating" cold comes in?) Spells that are classed as "Negation" but that really act like Revision spells?
  4. Will it be possible (in later years if not in Y2) to change NPC motivations/goals based on, say, adventure complete? (for example, if you complete an adventure chain in which you redeem Joana through the Power of Friendship, could that actually move bullying lower down or off of her list of preferred actions?)
  5. I'd imagine too that someone in a position as powerful as Orsi would be given some leeway, to the extent that the law provides--not that he's entirely immune from consequences, but I think Stephenin Pastis would be a lot more willing to believe that the Legate had a good reason for possessing and using an ancient Gates artifact than he would be for some random first year ("Some guy in the market gave them to me! I thought they were vitamins!")
  6. I think Free is referring to "Carnage on the Fields" as where Orsi apparently uses Gates magic in the presence of the PC and Briardi--with 'grey robe' being a play on 'grey hat' (in old Westerns, white hats used to be a convenient way to identify the people who were sheriffs or otherwise 'lawful', with black hats used to signal bandits--so a 'grey hat' is someone who falls somewhere in the middle, and a 'darker grey' would be someone decidedly less interested in following the law for its own sake.)
  7. Hey, so for those who are interested in playing random builds: I've tried that a few times, using a text file listing all of the backgrounds with numbered markers (the numbers correspond to the line directly after it, so, for example, #11 is Astrology--the Comet) along the way. It's kind of fun, though you'll occasionally wind up with weird things like kids with multiple points in familiar-related backgrounds and...no familiar. I've included it (under a spoiler tag so that it doesn't take up the whole page.) I use random.org and roll about 15 (I include a few extra to account for backgrounds that give extra points and backgrounds that exclude others that may have been rolled) numbers from 1-138. Then 1-7 for a house, and 3x 15 (or 2x 14 for Hedi and Godina) for classes.
  8. And...hopefully something like Scheherazade's interface, that will allow you to list abilities/spells/phemes that boost a particular skill?
  9. Haha, yeah, I figure it's all tentative until there's an official release date announcement, but thinking about it is a fun distraction from...all the work I should be doing right now. (grumble) Thanks for keeping us all updated.
  10. So...Q1 2014 then, with DLC 16 sometime in December/January and a possible DLC 17/CP4 in the mix if Y2 is not quite finalized by the time DLC 16 is? (I'm assuming that October/part of November is going to be for getting Holdfast ready for release.)
  11. Not sure if this is a known issue already, but if your clique changes by NPCs leaving, you don't appear to get the bonuses from your remaining members' clique abilities.
  12. Nodergak


    The Lady of the Lake adventure gives a ring, though I think it requires you fail the first check?
  13. Regarding the "Calligraphy Class" adventure: it seems like the adventure is always listed as "failed" in the day-summary page (and remains available in the Adventure list) whenever you take the Forms exit (available after failing the Orthography exit), even if you get the message/skill expands indicating you succeeded.
  14. I kind of want to see that trope subverted, where we meet Philippe's younger sister and she's the nastiest of the bunch. Are there "family visitation weekends" or "prospective student day" or something at the Academy? I might try to write that. Yeah, same. Somehow I almost always wind up with a semi-positive relationship with Philippe, and often Joana too (I had her in my clique in an early playthrough, though the downside of that is that she tends to drive off anyone else you'd care to recruit. I wound up booting her for Aveline...who had pretty much the same problem. It was a contentious year.) Flore tends to cause a trouble for nearly all my characters, Cosetta's not even a blip on the radar, weirdly.
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