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  1. Strangly, with a Luck score of 8 and a puzzle skill of 10 (to which a bonus of +1 to solving the block puzzle has been added at level 10) I still cant solve the block puzzle. At least I get no message whatsover telling me that I did solve it.
  2. When I played my first mage I felt the same way. But success will come with time. You can't really expect to be successful right from the beginning, as far as I understand. Your skills are just to low. But choosing the right options during char creation and start training right from the beginning is a factor that will ensure you have the first smaller successes soon. With a well trained char you should be able to master a lot of the random events sucessfully around the midterms. At least that is true for me right now. The big problem is, that it is kind of random which skills you need. But with experience you will get an idea.
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