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  1. I got into an interactive fiction phase and looked at the top rated ones on Jay Is Games. This was on there. I couldn't afford it, so I bookmarked the site until I could.
  2. hesuchia


    Aha I see I see. Sorry for all the questions, but here's one more that's been having me stuck. I have my enchant all trained up, and a bunch of phemes, but I can't find anywhere that I can actually enchant items. Where is it?
  3. hesuchia


    Aha got it. Three more questions: How do you discover new subskills? I was training Alchemical Tools and it said I got a 1 bonus to Chemistry, but when I clicked on Chemistry to read its lore entry, the part that says the progress to the next level said I hadn't discovered it yet. Brew still only has Alchemical Tools as its only subskill so I can't increase the parent skill. Also, where do you find recipes for Artifice? I've been training up to be able to make cool stuff, but the part that asks for a recipe I never seem to have any or see any anywhere. And I was also wondering if it's possible to sell items. I see their worth value in their description, and I want to unclutter some things from my inventory/wardrobe.
  4. hesuchia


    All right awesome. I also noticed from the update that difficulty seems to have increased. When I was playing before patching, I succeeded at a lot of the adventures fairly easily--even the red options. Now I fail a lot more, even with similar stats. Is that normal or am I doing something wrong? Also is there a guide to the color-coded difficulties? I noticed on the clean up the library action that after I trained filing, it went from purple to red when I thought red would mean harder than purple. I do like the game though. Just takes some time to figure things out.
  5. hesuchia


    Hey I just started playing this game the other day (didn't realize it wasn't up-to-date immediately, so I started a vanilla game) but anyway, I just got the patch 60 and it says it comes with all previous DLC but I only see DLC 13 in the checklist. Does that DLC compile all the old ones too? And what's the difference between checking it and not checking it? Wasn't sure if this was a Support or an FAQ question, so I put it here since I can get the game to run just fine.
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