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Found 12 results

  1. As the title suggests, have there been any thoughts given towards selling the updated Y1 on the Black Chicken Studios Website or other platforms?
  2. Steam Sale of Academagia Current Academagia is 50% off at Steam, although I have my doubts that someone looking at this forum still want to buy it, I still think I should share this info. Maybe the Legate (or someone else) can mention the time frame of this sale.
  3. I hope that this request of mine violates no rules, but I was hoping that on or about April 20, Black Chicken Studios, in order to commemorate the 1st Anniversary of Academagia's Steam release, could provide us with some sort of update about when Y2 may be released and what its progress has been. Ideally, there would be screenshots (or at least one) for it also. Could this happen?
  4. As the title says. I have located where on Steam my Academagia files are, but I know not which subfolder to place the files into.
  5. I was wondering if Black Chicken Studios would be able to sell the desktop backgrounds/steam themes that are used as Steam prizes separately. I have completed my Academagia Steam badges, yet did not get a complete set of such backgrounds. I would gladly pay some money for a complete set. That way, I could decorate my gaming computer's desktop with either the most interesting art, that of Aranaz, or the art of my favourite college: Morvidus! Would there be legal obstacles were Black Chicken Studios to do this?
  6. I understand that when playing Academagia, F12 is supposed to reveal adventure/event names. But when the game is played through Steam, F12 takes a screenshot. However, this does not mean that F12 does not also reveal the event's name - it still appears in the bottom left of the screen.
  7. I hope that I am not violating a rule here with this topic. But I would like to ask questions about Academagia's 2017 development. Feel free to answer those of them that you will, and reprimand me if any of my questions are improper. 1. Was the release on Steam a commercially successful move in terms of increasing sales, improving the game's profile among consumers, improving the code? 2. I read in the thread about the Modbase that there will be another content update later this year. What sort of content will it contain? 3. I read also in the thread about the modbase that the new modbase will be released in late Summer 2017, after the new content patch. What will the benefits be to modders and non-modders of this new modbase? Will the new modbase be a key step in releasing Y2? 4. I have read rumours that Y2 will be released some time during 2017. Is this still a likely occurrence? 5. Roughly what stage in making Y2 is Black Chicken Studios on? is story content still being written? features still being coded in? is it now a matter of bug-fixing only? etc. I have great faith in Black Chicken Studios, but hope that the answers that they may release will increase my faith and the faith of others.
  8. Hello, I've got a problem: Academia crashes to desktop at launch. Every time I launch it, I get a small window saying "System error occurred. Application will be terminated." Its new i.e. I used to be able to play Academagia without problems. Even after downloading the new steam version, I was able to play a fair bit (i.e. 5 hours). System specs: Windows 7 64bit Intel i7 Q740 1.7GHz 4.00 GB Ram Intel GT 435M Here's a copy of the log: https://pastebin.com/4qFh9wQE Steps I've taken so far: Verified integrity of cache Deleted the Academagia cache folder (C:/ProgramData/Academagia/...) Uninstalled/Reinstalled. Deleted steam cache I suspect it may be my windows (I get a BSOD every day and typically spend half an hour in the 'startup repair' when I first boot this up, the issue isn't 'fixed' - but it works ok after that)
  9. I'm playing the Steam version of the game and experience a program terminating error in duels. Assorted details: Steam version, like I said. DLC 17. Windows 10 (let me know if you want processor info and stuff like that) Duel with Joana. Quietus selected -- I tried "first blood", punched her and had my familiar defend, and everything went fine. I'll use that approach to move the game forward. I set my familiar to defend, queue 4x "bind pheme to palate" , queue a punch and push the "end melee round" button. I get a popup -- "System error occurred. Application will be terminated." Click "OK" and application terminates. Save available. Tell me how to provide it.
  10. Just purchased and installed Academagia on steam. When launching, UAC requests admin permissions. After I (begrudgingly) grant admin permissions, the game fails to launch with the following message: "Steam initialization failed. Application will be terminated." I've verified the integrity of the game cache. (no problems found) I've restarted the PC. I've tried reinstalling the game. (issue still persists) OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 980 Processor, 3.70 GHz RAM: 16 GB GPU: two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960s in SLI configuration.
  11. I know this is an older PC, but it should be able to run this game. I get a system error when trying to start the game up. Is there a crash log anywhere to post? I also posted on the Steam forums too. Edit: I am using Windows 10 Home Edition. Edit 2: I got it working by deleting the cache, the GCC folder, and just sitting on the loading screen when selecting a mod for like..2-3 minutes or longer. Huh, weird. If I gotta clear my cache everytime, then so be it?
  12. Academagia is now on Greenlight for voting! We have some special upgrades planned if it gets greenlit so please vote 'Yes'. ;) To assist in this matter, go here: Greenlight Academagia on Steam And...if you've already bought the game, you'll get a code once it launches on Steam (with proof of purchase of course). Cheers!
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