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Found 8 results

  1. All rights of Ars Magica 5th edition belong to Atlas Games The fan made expansion for Solo Play can be found here. The story is leaned on the results from a solo game I play with v3 of this fan ruleset. For now I only publish some covenant data and the story. I might post the data of the main character at a later point. Special rules I used for the Solo Adventures: - Reduced Time halve the needed time for the adventure - adventures regarding Hidden Resources and Flawed Resources gain / lose 5x Difficulty in BP instead of the normal reward or losses (depending if it is the boon of flaw) - Starting with year 4 Georgia Angelidis the chamberlain was added as player companion and also rolled for adventures but could go on adventures as well. - Starting with year 4 the exp. for adventure was complete replaced with a fixed 1/2 difficulty +2 per set of skill challenges. - Starting with year 4 the Bonus for 3 success on a set of skill challenges was replaced by either the reduced time or bonus BP from the rewards. - Starting with year 5 Confidence is only gained on 3 success instead per set because they add up to much (might be different when the difficulty jump up by 3 at the end of year 7)
  2. After Barcelona the next adventure is end of winter so we need this now for planing Ramon unknown right now. After reading the voting Dirk decided to change his winter plan MUVi Lab=24+6 Addled and Overtime (-1 living Condition) Wizard's Communion MuVi15 (R:Voice, D:Dia , T:Group) = lvl 10 normal because of Flexible magic he can use the spell for both ritual and formulatic. Correspondence betwean Baruch and Dirk about Magic Theory continue. (+1 exp Magic Theory for this saison)
  3. The Guards have send you all to your room short after they arived and request that should stay there for your own savety for now. They also told you that you get the oportunity tomorrow to tell what you saw. In the early morning Baruch wake up from the noice of hammer strokes. Looking trough the window he see a blond man working at a forge together with a ~12 year old blackhaired girl. A short while later someone knock on the door and when you openend 2 armed men wearing a redcap are there. "Your Baruch?" After you told them "Yes" "Then we have to ask you to please follow us as you are invited to have breakfast with Yuval our Head-Redcap" After puthing on your clothes you then followed this 2 Redcap. Right out of your room you see bored guards standing in front of each of your rooms. They lead you up to the 4. floor then trough a secret door that only can seen from the other side. A stair is leading up and a other down after passing trough the secret door but you think to remember that the building only haved 4 floors when you entered yesterday. Going down you can see the stairs you walked upwards from this side but you only was seeing solid stone walls when walking up. Your walk ended in a large room with no windows who have a light bright as a clouded day at the top of the room. The room have many paintings and a blackhaired man is mustering a picture of a pond with 2 swan swimming on it. Without turning to you "A Great work of Art isn't it?" The 2 other redcap silently take position left and right of the entrance inside of the room after they closed the door behind you. He turns to you "Orginal I had a apointment now with one of our ship Captains but as you might know he can't show up any more!" "We hope you like orange juice and galentas" Pointing to a large wooden chair at the table where this is served, there is also a soft cushion on the chair. He then sit down on the oposite side of the table and start to eat. "To our regret the painitngs in the book are not finished and so you have to wait a vew days." "This brings us to the other point. I doubt your Covenant haved something to do with this nasty buisness of the murder of a valuable member of our covenant and theft of covenant resources, but the evidence says otherewise!" "Do you have anything to say in this regard?"
  4. As we have startet a discusion about the covenant Ranking system for Mages in the Vis Managemant theread I think we should focus this in one seperat thread. My personal view is that we have the following ranks: 1 Vote 4 Vis / Y Junior Mages (are not allowed to have apprentice!) 2 Vote 6 Vis / Y Senior Mage (need to have done something that clearly helped the covenant) 2 Vote 8 Vis / Y Journeyman (maximum Rank the Covenant Leader can assign alone, need at last have writen some usefull books for the covenant archive, teached a new apprentice for the full 15 years or similiar after he became a Senior Mage) 3 Vote 10 Vis / Y Elder (A Covenant Archmage have to proporse the Journeyman for the promotion and then a majority voting at the yearly meeting decide) 3 Vote 12 Vis / Y Covenant Archmages (Need to have demostrated the magic capabilitys bevore the Pharao proprose someone for this rank and all Covenant Archmage have to accept him as theyr similiar, if just a single one vote against him then the Pharao can proprose him at earlyst in 20 years again) 5 Vote 16 Vis / Y Pharao (Covenant Leader for livetime) If there are less then 2 Covenant Archmages the Pharao and the remaining Covenant Archmage(s) have to agree to the best suited candidate(s) for becomming a Covenant Archmage and proprose them this rank.
  5. As I think we should put this discusion and the claims in its own thread so I started this new thread. Here is Wits post where he suggested it and put his claim:
  6. The chance is big that we have a break till end of Autumn 1217 thats why I make the necesary topics now. Dirk Privat teaching Hyperborean Lore from the High Priest together with the new Priest. (16exp) Ramon Traveling as Redcap 2 exposure exp
  7. The chance is big that we have a break till end of Autumn 1217 thats why I make the necesary topics now. Dirk Privat teaching Hyperborean Lore from the High Priest together with the new Priest. (16exp) (Given the resonance from the other Players I can assume the High Priest found someone suitable at the Spring teaching) Ramon visiting the covenant and join the training of Chabrias the Turb Captain in Bows. (10 exp)
  8. Dirk: The Hyperborean High Priest teaches Hyperborean Lore in the public for up to 20 people (13 exp) Ramon Traveling as Redcap 2 exposure exp
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