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Found 10 results

  1. As the title says. I know that certain backgrounds grant it, but are there any spells/abilities/locations that inform or instruct in this skill?
  2. Conventional Wisdom is that the Train action that everyone starts with is a terrible waste of time. What are better ways to improve a skill? Obviously, Sphinx, Contu's, and Iudocia represent the gold standard in skill training. The next best I found was Library of Longshade or Thoughtful Study which are a long way short of those top three. Here's what I have come up with so far and some related questions. Anyone know a more efficient way to train Natural Philosophy up to 2 to get Thoughtful Action in the early game? -Family: Graverobbers (+1 Anatomy, Archaeology, and Biology) and/or -https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Academagia:_Infirmary_Library (+1 random from each Negation/Brew/Natural Philosophy useable every other day) from completing the https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Upset_Stomach quest which you mostly want to fail because you get more skill gains that way What’s a good way to Boost Bassan to get access to Culiman's Shack? Anyone know how to unlock https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Lost_Well_of_Knowledge? Wiki claim of “with a compass” seems unlikely. Anyone brave enough to check and see how https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Question_Knowledge_(Action) really works? Wiki claims you lose 1 random skill level in exchange for 5 steps in a chosen skill which is so terrible I have a hard time believing someone actually spent the time to code it. Are there any good ways to raise zoology besides taking the class? You need zoology to be able to train your familiar to not be totally useless. Efficient training 4 separate skill steps or equivalent https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Esteban_Contu%27s_School_of_Incantation - all incantation subskills, unlocked by Incantation - Theory of Incantation 1 and paying 900 pims https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Imperial_Palace:_Emperor_Sphinx%27s_Room extensively consult with the sphinx - 1 chosen, 2 random, 1 malice - unlocked by several ways, including Filing 9 or Library Knowledge 10 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Temple_of_Iudocia - -5pims, 1 piety, 1 prayer, 1 oratory, 1 theology - unlocked by Theology 1 or take History: Descended From Heroes at chargen then Work the Looms (niche but easiest way to unlock cleanse and remake spam) https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Godina_Park:_The_Crystal_Bridge (weaker than it looks since most characters will have several of these maxed as classes or through Esteban Contu’s) - 1 astrology, 1 Glamour, 1 Incantation, 1 Negation, 1 Revision - unlocked by History - The History of Magic or by buying https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/A_Guide_to_Statues_from_the_Early_Empire_(Item) for 250pims from https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Haejar_Enthifal_Cortath,_Pages_19-22_(Shop) which is unlocked by History - The Early Empire 1 which makes this a nice way to cover the most commonly used magic skills for early game 3 separate skill steps or equivalent https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Imperial_Palace:_Emperor_Sphinx%27s_Room Match Wits with the Emperor Sphinx - 1 chosen, 2 random - unlocked by several ways, including Filing 9 or Library Knowledge 10 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Library_of_Longshade Study at the Library of Longshade - 1 chosen, 1 random, 1 concentration - unlocked by Research - Library Knowledge 3 & Insight/Filing Roll v. 10 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Culiman%27s_Shack - 3 random - unlocked by Language - Bassan 10 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Venalicium_Library:_Linguistic_Section - 1 Library Knowledge, 2 random languages - unlocked by language parent skill 1 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Lost_Well_of_Knowledge 1 forms, 1 language subskill, 1 random - unlocked by ? https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Stenephan_Pastis%27_Court:_Observation_Galley - 1 wit, 1 law subskill, 1 random - unlocked by Law - Civil Law 1 (situational but wit is a good skill) https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Library_of_Manetele Study at the Library of Manetele - 1 chosen, 1 forge subskill, 1 revision subskill (most characters will probably take revision as a class so maybe this should be in the 2 skill step category) - unlocked by Research - Library Knowledge 9 2 separate skill steps or equivalent https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Thoughtful_Study_(Action) - 1 chosen, 1 random - unlocked by Natural Philosophy 2 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Extrapolation_of_Evidence_(Ability) 1 observation, 2 random but Insight/Sleuthing Rolls v. 6 and 13 respectively - unlocked by Dialectic - Study Level 8 (need observation a lot and sleuthing isn’t bad but that second roll is really high so it’s more like 2 skill gains when its useful) https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Work_Until_You_Drop_%28Action%29 - 1 chosen, 1 test taking, 1 study, +1 stress. This is roughly comparable to the Venalicium, depending on how you rate stress and relationship points, but requires a background to unlock https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Library_of_the_Mantle_of_Stars - Study at the Library of the Mantle of Stars - 1 chosen, 1 Astrology subskill by 2 - unlocked by Research - Library Knowledge 6 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Impart_Understanding_(Spell) 1 chosen, 1 glamour methods, also increases all clique members by 1 step for chosen - unlocked by Calligraphy - Illustration 10 https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/From_Nothing,_Knowledge_(Spell) 2 random - Incantation - Incantation Methods 10 1 skill step or equivalent Train - 1 chosen - start with this Joie de Vivre - 1 random - start with this https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Filing_Fugue_(Action) - 1 research subskill, +10 pims, -1 stress or 1 random - unlocked by https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Welcome_to_the_Club! Study skills Zoe Mellis Clique ability - +2 chosen study, 1 chosen (2 steps), 1/week https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Venalicium_Library - Study at the Venalicium, 1 chosen study, 1 Research subskill, 1 Relationship (stronger than it looks since you want the research subskills anyways)- unlocked at start https://academagia.fandom.com/wiki/Judge_the_Instructor%27s_Taste_(Ability) - 1 study, 2 random from Wit/Flattery/Storytelling/Syntax/Dispassion/Playfulness but needs a nsight/Character Study roll v. 5 - unlocked by test taking 2. Probably not worth it unless you have all the libraries unlocked (main thing you need research skill for) Bunch of actions locked behind high test taking subskill and so useless
  3. Should you first only focus on Compete and doing the Mentor adventure, or should you train/study as well? How can you effectively Befriend people? Right now it doesn't ever work for me and I raised my Befriend to 1 by raising its three skills to one. Is it supposed to be higher? The relationship was 2 with the wanted friend (they actually raised it by 1 using and action). Are there any actions I can learn to raise relationships or make it easier besides Befriend? Gossip is also purple, is there any point to raising it instead of the Befriend skill? Should I focus on raising all of the School Survival skills, so I get new abilities/skills from them? The guides I read mentioned focusing on raising your stats and doing the Oan quest, but I noticed if you don't Compete a lot from the start in Godina for example, you won't get the rewards since you need to pull the weight by yourself. RIght now I'm doing my first Godina run (again, last time I played 2 months or so, now I came back to the game and decided to restart), should I use all of my actions on Compete and Oan adventures first? Or is it good to mix them up with other things as well? I'm playing as an adventurer/scholar, so I have the libarary background, so I'm using Manatele when raising my subskills. But I'm on week 2 and I just don't know if I'm missing out on something how to get people into your clique (like some skill you're supposed to get from School Survival or something else to get rel points and raise Befriend etc)., and if I should correspond more. Right now I raised to 12, but I haven't received any money although it's supposed to be biweekly when the third week hit. Unless you get the money but the game doesn't tell you in the end of the day report. How would you suggest to play the game to feel like you're not missing out on stuff (eg. adventures, I feel like on my previous run some actually disappeared! Are there any time-limited adventures?). How much should you train/study, do adventures, correspond/compete? By week 3 I already won the 2 merit awards, but if I didn't compete more, then another house would win merit 3, so it seems like I should focus on that. How many merit awards are there and when are they awarded? By the way, the offline manual doesn't show which colours are which difficulties, so I have to google them as the game doesn't tell you either - if there's another patch, would it be possible to put it inside Gerta's letters? Also how can you regain Vitality and Stress besides resting and using actions that reduce Stress? Right now it seems like I can only rest to regain HP. Thank you! Edit: Btw, I have all my attributs at 2, is that good or should've I gone with 3? I didn't find any use for my familar on my first run (2-4 months of ingame playtime) so I went with Pamela to get 1 more point.
  4. In several of my games, my characters have gained lore, phemes, etc., from classes in a way that suggests that they are learning subskills - even after those characters have learned every level of every subskill of the skill that the class focuses upon. Is there a list of what non-class skill skills classes teach once charcacters have learned all that they can learn within a class's associated skill?
  5. I am wondering whether there will be non-magical, non-fighting related new skills in Y2, such as fishing. I ask because I am thinking about writing some Y2 content in which fishing plays a major role, and was thinking that the trapping subskill is the closest to fishing in Y1.
  6. For example Grapple for the Crowds says you can earn pims, but whenever I take the action it only tells me I've acquired the Calomanthia gym. But Grapple and Hit the Ring never give you any pims nor a message that you failed the roll. Are they supposed to give you pims if your wrestling skill is high enough? I also have under the abilities and actions tab the Research Revision Spells skill, but it doesn't appear in my calendar so I can't use it (my Revision is 6). It's not greyed out, so why do I seem to have it but can't use it? By the way, is the only way how to train archery to use train, library of Mantele or Cast Your Arrows, and there isn't a special firing range ability/location?
  7. I have a very complicated situation that I want to explain that may contain one or possibly two bugs. Then I will state a more simple issue that I have read about but not encountered. Finally, I will ask a question. The situation: In my most recent playthrough, I was playing as an Academic over-achiever. Accordingly, my character researched Famous Dilemmas to Level 10, and then, having in this way gained an increased Famous Dilemmas level, trained Famous Dilemmas to Level 11. Then I used a Level 10 Favor with Professor Sido, which was revealed to be an increase in the maximum of the Famous Dilemmas Skill, which I then trained up to 12. A 12 in Y1 as a base skill may be over-powered, but I thought it fair enough - my character had invested research and favor to get these extraordinary benefits, and even the Everard Equation requires difficult skill checks with a Marat Deck in order to reach Level 13. I upload my save game to show that I tell the truth. But then there was a problem with this understanding of mine. I loaded my most successful completed game to experiment with the effects of extreme skill training after Kaliri, as a way to test run ideas for Y2. Now this character had been created as a Negation prodigy, as a result of which the Theory of Negation skill level maximum was preset at 11. During my playing beyond Kaliri, I researched Theory of Negation to 10 - reward being an increase in the Theory of Negation. Yet i was unable to train my Theory of Negation at all - it was capped, it seemed, at 11. I am not sure whether this was affected by being after Kaliri. In sum, there is an inconsistency in whether it is possible to achieve skill levels of 12 or higher. Maybe it is a bug. If there is no desire to allow PCs in Y1 to have skill level maximums (aside from Everard Equation) higher than 11, perhaps the game could inform players in the day's events log some thing along the lines of "You tried to raise you skill level maximum higher, but have already reached your maximum." A similar message is given for study levels and skill level training. Now for the simpler issue: the wiki claims that researching The Minds of Men is bugged, and suggests that “(+1 Anthropology skill max intended?)”. I have not researched the Mind of Men, but the Wiki also claims that researching Anthropology yields +1 Anthropology skill max. Finally, my question: When Y2 is released, I presume that Skill levels of 12 and above will have their own distinctive benefits. Could these benefits be imported backwards into Y1 through a patch? Aristodemos_Polydegmon_20170530_1.ams
  8. As the title says. Must one research something? or is the wiki incorrect when it says that all gates subskills have a cap at 11?
  9. I am wondering whether there might be a bug now with how and whether skills are informed about to the player, so that the player may train in them through such actions as using the Train action. My situation is as follows: in my most recent and ongoing playthrough, I successfully completed the Dance of Fools adventure using the architecture route. Yet I was not informed about the skill architecture. Then, I tried to complete the Venalicium library adventure in one go. This required several playthroughs, with reloading. in some of these playthroughs, I failed at the architecture roll, yet after the completion of that failed stage, I was informed of the architecture skill. Finally, I was able to complete the Venallicium library adventure in one slot, this time succeeding at a traps roll. Yet now I discover that I have still not been informed about traps. So I am wondering whether I am wrong to think that if there were logic to this game, succeeding at a roll with a given skill should, at minimum, inform the player of that skill. Or is this some bug?
  10. I wasn't sure how to word the title, so I'll explain it here. I've been trying to make guides for the Book Smart, Canny, Charm School Graduate, etc achievements. I've typed out how many points are possible for several of the base stats and have come up with these totals: Charm-105 points available in the game Knowledge-103 points available in the game Wits-103 points available in the game Now, Charm was the first one I did, so I just assumed the others would have 105 points as well, but they may not. Are there 105 points available for each base stat, or are the numbers each unique? (Base stats being charm, knowledge, wits, and athletics) (dream, stress, and relationship not included since they do not have achievements like this) I went back through hunting for Knowledge points three times, looking through all possible capers and parts of the main adventure, and I can't find anything. Each run through all capers takes at least half an hour, and I don't even know if I'm doing it in vain. I could very well have found them all.XD
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