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Found 7 results

  1. Off-Hand, I can think of three good students and three bad students. The Good: 1. Uliva Valaresso: She is already interested in a heavily restricted, often illegal, field of study, and has revealed an interest in serpent-breeding. I can easily imagine her thrilling at the prospect of learning gates magic from the PC, since this would allow her herpetology to be done more easily. 2. Sima Venesico: She seems to have her own discreet interest in illegal magics (gates possibly, mastery probably), and is used to being secretive for other reasons. The downside is that she can be very impulsive in an attention-getting way. 3. Aaran Ledale: His studies of Mastery are even more subtle than Sima's are, and his knowledge of Mineta's seamier side (and associated locations) would be useful in concealing experiments with Gates Magic. The downside is his curse of unluck to other people - but that applies to all of his friends and love-interests. The Bad: 1. Grainne Inneith: This girl loves to spread rumours that she presents as true. She would probably be thrilled about spreading rumours about a gates mage among the students. 2. Reitz von Lutersee: This student's adventure reveals him to be a traitor, so he would probably betray a gates mage PC easily - especially for a reward. 3. Zoe Melis: She needs money and is socially isolated - I am sure that exposing a gates mage would allow her to gain money and social power easily.
  2. The story is called "A Male Shaped by Four Females". Words: 3163 Summary: As Ross Moon goes through the final day of his first year of classes at the Academagia, three women and girls who have influenced him very much encounter him. Yet the woman who has influenced him the most he dare not mention! Any feedback from anyone here is much welcomed. Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/16791199
  3. Name: Ross Moon College: Morvidus, the King of Colleges. Courses (skill level): Athletics (15), Glamour (13), Grammar (14), Negation (14), Revision (15), Zoology (12). Extra-curriculars of note: Astrology 12, Bully 8, Compete 8, Forge 11, Gates 10, Heraldry 8, History 11, Incantation 12, Natural Philosophy 10, Religion 6, Rhetoric 10, School Survival 10, Society 12. Fitness 9 Finesse 8 Charm 5 Strength 3 Intelligence 21 Insight 11 Luck 5 Emotions: Affection (with Beatrix von Wetgen), Salt of the Earth, Speculative, Wicked Happy Clique: None. Adventures completed: All Morvidus adventures, the main adventure through helping the Captain, adventures for Beatrix von Wetgen, Eliana Carosi, and Hector Per Vittoria, Wandering the Corridors, the one with the sunken mastery mages' palace, the one with Mjolnir the Gates Mage, the one with Broken Pines' Duke, the one which grants the Sword of Kush, Oan's adventure, Mr. Pebbles's solo adventure, the senior student's adventure, and the one with the rat girl.
  4. I will not recommend the way in which I played this particular game to players without great patience for save-scumming or great luck, but for me the outcome, though long in coming and requiring days of reloading, was very good from a role-playing and personal achievement perspective, although suboptimal from a powergaming perspective (due to not having completed many quests due to, among other things, having my PC condemned to a period in study sessions due to illicitly researching biology in the Imperial reserve). The PC was conceived as a loner, aggressive against those who crossed him and preferring to use physical solutions rather than magical, whose interest in biology would lead him into gates magic and into a deep relationship with Uliva Valaresso. In the end, the PC succeeded in this. PC’s Attributes: Fitness: 18 (without magic, due to much running and accompanying fitness boosting) Finesse: 8 Charm: 1 (3 with emotion-based modifiers) Strength: 5 Intelligence: 14 Insight: 7 Luck: 8 Familiar: Paradoxicus the Platypus (Bond: 10 thanks to the Calculate the Familiar Equation ability – although it could be used multiple times per day) Courses (and their skill values): Arithmetic (14), Athletics (15 – including researching wrestling and archery to 10 so that those subskills could be raised to 11), Grammar (13), Negation (13), Revision (14), Zoology (11). Non Course Skills with notable Achievements: Astrology (12 – 13 with emotion), Explore (10 – including 16 in Animal Husbandry), Forge (11), History (11), Incantation (11), Natural Philosophy (11), Research (16 – 18 with emotion), School Survival (10), Society (9 – but could go to 11 witrh no research needed due to passive bonuses to 3 subskills). Achievements: Helped Pelia, rescued the student from the Topiary Garden (and completed a random event to protect her from Joana’s scamming her), completed The Cartboy’s Runner, the main quest through Helping Illaro, the quest A Day in Frontino, completed the Morvidus Picnic quest, Splash Quest, Eliana’s Adventure, the Ahriman’s Wand Quest, the Wandering the Corridors Adventure (that I wrote), made a pact with the living Dragon-book (only to have it confiscated during a detention), met Morgana (and through the character’s poor lying met Stryker), got Candies of the Void through a Random Event, met the Arm-wrestler Gates Mages (whom my PC did not help as they wished and learned about the Second Circle because he is smart enough to realize that bozos are not the type of people whom one should listen to when dealing with dangerous magics), learned about the Being, investigated the tower with the Sword of Kush, and completed Uliva’s quest. And highest marks in all courses! Relationships: Love with Uliva Velaresso, 10 with Philippe Marchant and Beatrix von Wetgen (despite having done neither character’s quest), 10 with Legate Orsi, 6 with Regent Storey. Questions: 1. Will my character’s Academic achievements and close relationship with Orsi and non-Hostile relationship with Storey grant my PC extra options during Y2, such as course options and a mentorship opportunity? 2. Are there plans to increase the difficulty of the Grapple for the Crowds checks during Y2 (due to, for example, characters getting older and being expected to have more skill?)? Because my PC is so fit and skilled at wrestling that earning Glory through Grapple for the Crowds is a blue option. 3. Is it a bug (albeit very useful) that Calculate the Familiar Equation can be used as often as the player wants? If so, would the correction of this bug invalidate my save for Y2?
  5. By my own standards, I consider the following achievements to mark my most successful game yet: Fitness 9; Finesse 7; Charm 5 (7 with emotional bonuses); Strength 3; Intelligence 16; Insight 11; Luck 2 College Morvidus Subjects: In every Course that my PC took, my PC apparently got the highest marks in the year end exams. Athletics 15; Glamour 13; Grammar 13; Negation 14; Revision 16; Zoology 12 Other Topics: Gates 10; Research 16; Natural Philosophy 10; Befriend 10; History 11; Incantation 11 Social Achievements: Cliquemates: Isabeau Glorieaux; Affection: Beatrix von Wetgen; Close Friendship (12): with Zoe Melis; Teachers: 10 relationship with Legate Orso Orsi, Regent Oliver Storey Adventuring Achievements: Completed Oan's Quest, A Door in the Bad Part of Town, All Morvidus Adventures, the main adventure as helper to the Guard Captain, Zoe Melis's Adventure, the Senior Student Adventure, Beatrix von Wetgan's Adventure, the Wandering in the Corridors, The Snappy Baguette, Just Going About Your Business, Just Another Day in Mineta, and Naming Beasts. So, I have some questions about these achievements: 1. Will my PC's combination of highest marks in final exams, excellent relationships with the Legate of Academagia and the Regent of the PC's college, and successful completion of both the Mentor-meeting adventure and the Senior Student helping adventure guarantee that my PC will be able to be a mentor to first year students during Y1 and/or access Academagian programs that might otherwise be unaccessible to Morvidus students with my PC's course load? 2. Is Rexus planned to return during any future game? 3. Is Beatrix von Wetgen planned to be revealing her true heritage in a future game?
  6. As the title says. Must one research something? or is the wiki incorrect when it says that all gates subskills have a cap at 11?
  7. Could it be that they got a skill that allows them to percieve other planes and the Leylines in ways that others can't? Which allows them to somehow compensate for certain factors that only they can see. This might also make them appear mad to other people if they are talking to or reacting to events and beings others can't see because they are on other planes.. Ducking without reason, laughing to a joke relayed in Another plane or someone elses missfortune that the people around them can't see. Worst case, adressing someone who isn't even in the same plane. That would make sense, then they wouldn't actualy be mad, just percieved as mad to the uninformed. In that case, maybe, willpower could help you focus on your reality, Dispassion Control emotional outbursts that would be socially inappropriate. Composure could help you retain your dignified movements and avoiding to react to every extra planar event around you. It would probably be as extreme a skill set as Synchronicity and maybe as rare or even more so. Planarphysics Subskills Planar (alternate realms/planes) Spiritual (spirits, Ghosts etz...) Demonic (Demonic knowledge, for using and/or avoiding demonic involvement) Leylines (the magic field that crosses all the realms and planes....) Something like that maybe? Possibly related to geometry just as economics/accounting is related to Arithmetics. The Leylines could certainly be somewhat geometric, aswell as possibly planes of existance... A dragon might be used to it and therefor would be able to handle it, a person might break if they arn't extremely strongwilled and able to dismiss that which isn't relevant to them. Dispassion/Composure. Once you learn that skill set the World will never look the same to you... Thinking of one of those SG1 episodes where they start seeing centipedes and other creatures that arn't there as they use an experimental cloak that partialy shifts them into Another dimention... Couldn't find the video on Youtube... Kind of disconcerting seeing such things every day...
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