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Found 14 results

  1. If the team decide to release a new Patch for Y1, I reckon that it should have the following features. General Quality of Life Improvements: 1. Eliminating the DRM on the Steam version. 2. Changing the Prodigy: Incantation background to at minimum inform characters about Theory of Incantation, so that the background's increased maximum for Theory of Incantation works. Bugs: 1. Fixing the bug that prevents characters from completing Luti Jaconelli's adventure. 2. Granting Miya Hikari the ability to use her familiar’s ability, granting it a proper duration. 3. Allowing characters to equip and use Tongs. Restoring Cutted Content: 1. Restoring Aaran Ledale’s second adventure to the game. 2. restoring the Research topics The Obranabú Library and The Great Lecture Hall at Schohanwicht and their accompanying lores and rewards. 3. Miya Hikari's personal ability is indeed supposed to give her +3 Acrobatics and +2 Knots/Climbing, and that's as it should be in the toolset. If we're not seeing it in-game, there might be an issue. 4. Restoring students' Familiars' descriptions. Adding New Content: 1. The romance adventure with the auburn-haired thief has a major disconnection between story and gameplay in its final stage that other adventures in Y1 avoid. The final stage, called "The Golden Telescope" concludes with the auburn-haired thief's giving the PC the eponymous telescope. Yet the player gains no such item in the PC's inventory. Aside from that, it was a very good adventure. 2. Creating an object for characters to receive as a reward for helping the graduating student during Kaliri.
  2. I have been thinking that I would like to try to write a novelization of Y1 and that I would like to arrange such a thing with Black Chicken Studios. I would expect no money from such an enterprise, and I would allow them to keep any money from selling my words. I only request the following things: 1. The right to choose which characters and adventures from the game to focus upon. 2. The right to make minor changes from the game's story and additions to the game's story in the interest of telling a more coherent story. 3. The right to not be bound by a deadline unless Y2 is released. @Legate of Mineta: I have made many thoughts about how I would approach this topic. Feel free to PM me if you want to avoid creating public spoilers, or ask me here. In either case, I can easily write an outline of the novel for your consideration. And fear not. Although I in honesty hope that you would allow me to add into the novel some things from my writings for Y2, I can understand that they are separate writings.
  3. I have only come upon one student adventure that I disliked - that with Malacresta. The other student adventures that I have played at least give the students ways to do something, even if the PC must be involved (otherwise there would be no story!) But Malacresta's adventure has him being sick in the infirmary all the time with the PC's trying to help him. Malacresta's vaunted astrological knowledge barely makes an appearance. Tacito's adventure is also a disappointment, being so much more about Ausdauer Mollers and her mysterious relative. Does anyone else want to share a least favorite student adventure?
  4. I know that the solution involves completing her adventure, but I completed it through the Character Study Route and got only +1 skill maximum.
  5. As the title suggests, have there been any thoughts given towards selling the updated Y1 on the Black Chicken Studios Website or other platforms?
  6. In multiple games that I have played with multiple characters, Tabin has gotten a Y1 final mark in revision of 143. How is this possible? Is his AI programmed to seek favors from Professor Aventyrare very often?
  7. I have been assuming that the majority of the First year students during Y1 are 13 years old. This would allow for @Legate of Mineta's comment that they are 12-14 to be true. I assume that the 14-year-old would be Jere Niemala towards the end of Y1, while the 12 year old would be Kurt Henning at the beginning of the game. Thus, the PC would be 13, fitting in with the description on the wiki of "a newly arrived teenager in a strange, vast school". Did I make any errors in these thoughts? I ask because @Mikka said (at: ) that "Antonio has an early birthday, turning eleven on Athonos 4, making him one of the youngest kids in the school (and giving a huge advantage in getting those yummy attribute points early on). Miya has a summer birthday, so I'm not worrying about her quite yet- she's already twelve, though, making her likely one of the older students in year one." Final;ly, is there planned in Y2 to have way for players to choose their characters' birthdays? and will such birthdays have a greater impact for students in Avila?
  8. Can someone, such as @Legate of Mineta, tell us how many words roughly are in Academagia Y1? And how many words in Y2? And how many words need to be added to Y2 before its text is complete? And how many words were added to Y2 (i.e., leaving aside lore from Y1)? By words I mean words of story/lore, etc.
  9. I am beginning to write an adventure named Dear Prudence. This adventure has very little to do with music or beetles, although it does have to do with Prudence Cossins. It is primarily a way for me to incorporate some fascinating lore about her into the game that was cut from Y1, so the core of the adventure is “researching [through the research action]” Prudence Cossins, which the narrative presents as talking to her. I assume that the research mechanic in Y2 will be the same as that in Y1 [viz, each research action is associated with a lore and there are possible benefits at assigned stages], but I made it more beneficial for the PC and Prudence by having each stage of research give benefits (some major, some minor) for them. The benefits would be linked to the lore, the premise being that the research was Prudence and the PC talking about Prudence and both gaining benefit from their talks. So I have two questions. 1. Would this type of structure be possible in Y2, or are the Y2 research mechanics so different from Y1’s that it would not work? 2. Similarly, would it be possible, even in Y1’s research mechanics, to have each level of research assign a bonus in addition to a piece of lore?
  10. I have been thinking - since Y2 will not be sold initially with the character importation feature, will the Y2 character generator be strong and diverse enough to create interesting characters who can have Y2 adventures comparatively easily? and how exactly will Y2 character generation work? Will it be, like the Y1 version, based upon multiple stages? Would the Team be willing to share with us at least one option (whether background or list of questions to be answered) from the Y2 character generator?
  11. I have cerebral palsy,. meaning that since birth I have been unable to walk. I have used a series of wheelchairs since I was around 4 years old. There are many reasons why I like Academagia (including its use of real Latin and its intricate setting and many possible play styles - often focused on developing truly intelligent rather than action-oriented heroes). There are also some reasons why the game may be criticized by others (its treatment of race has attracted some controversy about which I feel unqualified to say much - ditto its treatment of non-heterosexual love, especially before the four newest students were added in). But I am here to write about another aspect that I feel compelled to praise, but has not been mentioned as far as I know: its treatment of physical disabilities of the sort that I have that prevent the person from being able to walk. That is one of many reasons why I like Academagia - it is one of the few pieces of media I know about in which a character who cannot walk (minor, but still a character) exists but is not patronized. She is not treated as a tragic figure because she cannot walk, nor is her inability to walk treated as something that requires a tragic backstory (accident of some sort, terrible crime, etc.). Rather, she is presented as a character with interests that have nothing to do with her disability nor emphasize the mind over the (defective) body (building portable shrines) who happens to require assistance to travel where others would walk. Even her accident in which the player character gets involved is not one that could only befall a person who cannot walk - she trips and drops the portable shrine that she is carrying. I can certainly sympathize with this character's atrophied leg muscles, and would, but for the burden upon the animal, think that being carried by a gorilla is better than using a wheelchair. For this reason I was relieved to learn that the character was not forced to be carried by a gorilla due to lack of wheelchairs but chose it as a way to build the familiar bond. As a player, this otherwise minor incident - which need not even be encountered, as a random event - provides a fascinating perspective into the redemptive power of the most repulsive pillar of magic - mastery. Mastery is established as not merely being about affecting minds, but also as being about affecting brains. In game, this is represented as being able to cause severe strokes to people. However, there seems little reason why more carefully researched, carefully used, mastery could not be used to heal brains - curing cerebral palsy and other brain-related physical disabilities of the sort that occur within this random event. I sincerely hope that a later game in this series involves in some way the use of mastery to cure brain damage - enhancing the game's message, as I see it, that any skill can be used for purposes as good or evil as the person using the skill. On a further note, this random event is one of many reasons why I look forward to Y2's read-back feature - it would allow the player to reread random events and gain better understanding of how random events develop various characters and the setting.
  12. By going backwards in the calendar, it's possible to get summaries for what occurred on a specific day, but is there any way to read the actual story from that day, along with the choices that were made, the consequences, and any random events that came up that would not necessarily show up again if one were to reload? I wanted to go back through my character's history and read through it as thought it were part of a novel.
  13. I understand that the Content patch was meant to be released in Autumn 2017. Is this still on track? and how soon into autumn? I ask because I have a few bugs/typos that I want to check out and write up, and I have been toying with the idea of submitting a random event. So if either of those ideas of mine be too late, I would like to know.
  14. I was wondering if Black Chicken Studios would be able to sell the desktop backgrounds/steam themes that are used as Steam prizes separately. I have completed my Academagia Steam badges, yet did not get a complete set of such backgrounds. I would gladly pay some money for a complete set. That way, I could decorate my gaming computer's desktop with either the most interesting art, that of Aranaz, or the art of my favourite college: Morvidus! Would there be legal obstacles were Black Chicken Studios to do this?
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