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Strange Crash


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Don't know what the problem is, here: my game keeps crashing on one particular save on one particular day, no matter what actions I choose for the day. Sometimes it loads random events, and they're fine, but as soon as the game is about to send me to the end-of-the-day screen the game crashes. The game seems to be working fine in other respects - I don't have any problem completing actions/days in other save games - but I'm really attached to this game (I'm pretty far!) and I'd like to know what I can do to fix this.


On the odd chance that it's just my computer or an issue with my install of the game, here's a link to download the save game in question. (I'm running Patch 7.) Is it crashing for anybody else? Thanks!

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I believe I know what this crash is in relation to, and if so, it is corrected in Patch 8.


That said, we'll test it out.




Rock on! Thanks for the quick response. As I said, I'm really attached to this particular character - it's nice to know that in a day or two I'll be able to see him to the end of the year. :-)

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