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Just finished my first character and i have one questions


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How is carrying my character to year 2 going to work, will i need to keep a save game or has the game already saved my character after making the final choices about looking back on the passed year. Also i have to say thank you to the people who made this wonderful game i have already started think about my next character, though i think i will wait for patch 8 before starting again, and i am looking forward to year 2 and i hope that the whole Academagia serise is a great financial success for you.

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Burnheart and Schwarzbart;


It's not strictly necessary to keep them, because this is what you will first be faced with in Year 2. They will have an effect, although minor. :)


Wait... we have to go through that endless series of questions at the end of the game and it doesn't save it? *headdesk* :)

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