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Typos and Such in Patch 8


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Lore - Incant, Incant, Incant

It as if she's created fire

probably It's


I see there are several lores beginning with Incant x3


The one with the typo is :


Incant, Incant, Incant, by Xelta Drighter I

It as if she's created fire

probably It's

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RE Durand 1 why would a Gondia Student (Silke Niederstatter) thry to improve the Durand Common room? I dont think any Durand Student dont see this as a Prank or worse so the Diplomacy option is very strange if the Pink loving student is not of the Durand College! Also if she would be spoted in the Durand common rooms without permission I am sure she would get a reprimand at last from what I learned from a other Adventure. So even the Intemidation Variant is realy nice to here because she just have to make the room red again (and the -1 standing is probably wrong in this chase because you also could have reported here).


RE Prank 5 acording to this Event I haved Lessons from the Headmaster Orso Orsi, thought he didnt teach 1. years .... maybe one of the Professers of my classes where sick?

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Pheme - Mediocre

if there are overahievers you'd like to knock down a peg



Pheme - Hydration

a direct opposition of Dehydration.The difficulty

space missing


Pheme - Organize

this forgotten clerk spent all his free time working on a Pheme that help him in his daily need

to help him?


Pheme - Muscle

Effects says Increase STG instead of the usual Strenght (no big deal I admit)


Skill - Conversation

(1) old Elumain tales - instead of Elumian

(2) the Skill of Conversation about exactly what you'd think it is

verb missing


Lore - Item : Fair Wind

small patches with copper, now grean


Lore - He, from the Grand Wizardry Army

As I awoke it was bandaged up, sitting in a warm bed. I tried to get up

Should be I, he's talking about himself


Lore - From : The River Who Ran

(1) Her lily-pads noticed that she was agitated, and the rustled together -they

(2) She saw it coming, and made and great leap


Event Music 1


two occurrences in the main text of the space missing in his name


Event Magic Trap 9

Option Incantation, success

to the ground with a thud.Whoever set the trap

space missing


Event Kitchen 11

Option Incantation Spells, success

the wind charm did little to stop the progress of rushing cook

article missing

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hmmm, I do not know the name of the event but here are some of the things ive remembered, one female classmate on vernin with a long hair, she always combs her hair then suddenly turn into snakes, like medusa in european mythologies.


....locks looks her hair...


hahah, it should be removed i guess...

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I Having increased the Skill Maximum for Sleuthing to 11 but after I trained this skill to 11 "Needed for next level: 0 of 1" still shows. (The Skill was bevor increasing the max to 11 with 10 at its max)


RE Patrol 10 The Brute Strength exit: Sure enough, the ants swarm the sugar rock and take it back to their hole.


Looks like here is part of the text missing!

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