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Save Game Issue


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Anyone have any thoughts or help on why my game suddenly won't save? I don't know if its the same issue that is stickied above but I am running Vista. I bought the game last week and played partial years with 2 different chars and had no trouble saving at all. I could never figure out how to get the new Patches/Mods to work pop up when I started a new game but I finally figured out that I had to run the game as the Admin and suddenly it showed up as a Mod for CP2 (after Patch 8 came out the other day). Ever since then I started several new games and haven't been able to save any of them. I even started a new game tonight without using the CP2 Mod and even that won't save. It would seem to be a Patch 8 issue but like I said, I've tried not using it and it still won't save anything. When I try to save it, the save status bar shows up, fills completely but nothing happens and the game doesn't transfer down to the lower section as a save file. I'm really digging the game so far so I hope there is a simple fix or something!


P.S. I keep seeing things about Year 2. Will that be a separate game entirely (aka basically buying another game) or an extension of this game (perhaps another download but free like another patch)? What is the ETA on Year 2? How many years are planned in total?

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Just a simple question, is your OS Partition Full?

Because the save stores in your Usersubdirectory on the OS partition and the saves can reach about 80 MB each.

Also there was a bug in the caching system that filled up your OS partition in old Versions of this game so If you havent done so fare maybe you sould run AMTempFilesCleaner.exe from your Academagica directory.

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This is almost certainly related to the Vista Save Game Corruption issue:




...there is no workaround for this at the moment, but no other Academagian has experienced it as severely as you have. I'd like to discuss it with you- I will send a pm.


As to Year 2, it will come in 1-2 and will be a standalone game. A total of 5 years are planned.



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