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aymeri couer's adventure line (spoilers)


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(using patch 8 with hotfix)


is this adventure line working as intended?


-i seem to remember the "spy school" and "where's the pixie?" adventures being essentually the same ie i found the pixie under the bed in "spy school" yet had to find it again in "where's the pixie?"

-after being told about the pixie armour by aymeri i went off and found it on my own to give back to the pixie yet afterwards i had to capture the pixie which apparently proved my loyalty to aymeri which led to us both going to a lake to find the armour (i found the needle with the odd "hidden exit for investigation 1" option)

-as an aside there also doesn't seem to be a stat increase reward at the end of it all which i had previously assumed all the student adventure lines had (emilia picotti even has 2 giving a total charm bonus of 5 if you have her in your clique and fully complete her adventures)


sorry if this has already been addressed or if i misunderstood the sequence of events

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