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I have had some trouble training my familiar's skills.

In some/most cases, the skill step doesn't go up 1 point when training my familiar, I'm experiencing this more, the higher the skill is and especially with bond sub-skills.


When checking the skill (bond of silver) it shows: Needed for next level: 0 of 1


Now I believe that means, if I train my familiar once in said skill, he should gain another point.


Same with Observation, seems to be stuck at lvl 5, 0 of 2 steps needed for next level, but I trained my familiar twice in that skill and it didn't change.

So far I only noticed this with the familiar's skills.


I'm thinking he would have a lot better skills if this didn't happen B)

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This is a known issue- your Familiar Skills are displayed what you, the Player, would need to advance. The number the Familiar needs is different.


I think we will be able to close this in Patch 10- we'll see. B)




Oh ok thanks :)


I'll train the skills one at a time then, seems to take a long time though.

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