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Typos and Such in Patch 9


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I just noticed during character creation that the screen where you choose your college and classes could use some grammatical fine-tuning.


In particular, "What is your college" should have a question mark at the end of the sentence, and "What is your class?" should be "What are your classes?"


I assume that this issue has been there since the beginning and I just haven't noticed it before.

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Lore - War SP IV

(1) the Lord Nos'ika won control of the great the woods

one extra "the"

(2) he was assailed by a mere raiders

probably "a" should be removed


Lore - Rimbal to a Battle & Lore - Student Essay Comparing Rimbal to a Battle

They are almost identical except for one sentence of introduction in one of them, on purpose?


Event Common Room 12

(1) by a cacophony of noise.You scan the hallway but don't find anyone nearby.In fact,

two instances of spaces missing in two consecutive sentences


Event Common Room 12

Option Courage, success

(1) to pay a high price.You muster uo

(2) talking and laughing.Then you remember

both are missing spaces


Event Performance 16

sound like no language you have every heard

typo ever


Story - Basina's Going to Make Sure She's the Best

Two occurences in the beginning where Basia's name is replaced by her description/bio


Story - Scapegoats Aplenty

all of you and Basiarequire

space missing


Story - Scapegoats Aplenty

Option Blame Malthezar Mhadi, failure

he doesalways get into fights

space missing


Story - The Door

The Room has defeated many an accomplished magician

I was under the impression that was reported before, but couldn't find it after searching the forum


Story - The Revisionist Dilemma

Acting option stays purple even after I brought Acting up to 12

I tried bringing up the Glamour Spells option to 10 or so and it turned black, so thought it's strange Acting was still purple at that level


Also, I began the Story involving Kurt Henning who is in my clique. I've not seen the next leg of this Adventure for many turns and I have probably tried them all to be sure. Mentioning it in case it's not supposed to be that way. (of course, at the time I had no reason to write the name of the Story down, sorry).

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Cajole Pheme

At the end is says: Negotation Subskills which should be Negotiate Subskills. It also seems to be missing the Difficulty Level.


Divisible Pheme

As Possible Effects it says: Identities of Arithmetic should be: Increase Identities of Arithmetic.


Descriptive Pheme

The first Spell Type is Prescriptive which is also the Opposition, so probably should not be there?

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