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Consolidated Patch 11 and DLC 2

Legate of Mineta

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Consolidated Patch 11a and DLC 2 have been released, and can be found here:

The Mod Toolset has been released, and can be found here:

The Mod Base has been released and can be found here (RapidShare link):

The Mod AMO has been released and can be found here (RapidShare link):



Instructions: Copy all files and place into your Academagia install folder (same folder as Academagia.exe). For example: C:\Program Files\Academagia\Mods\Content.mdm (Please overwrite all files.)

Important: You must begin a new game in order to make use of the Content Patch/DLC. When you begin a new game, simply check 'The Legacy of the Towers' under mods, and proceed.


Before you Install: Patch 11a does not require you to create a new game, but if you wish to have certain fixes, you will need to create a new one. This Patch is cumulative with all previous Patches. If you installed Patch 11, you should install Patch 11a, which has an essential fix for saving games in certain situations.


This Patch adds these features:


1) Item Prerequisites have been removed, making it vastly easier to craft Items

2) Classrooms are now informed on the first Day of Class

3) 9 new Adventures

4) 27 new Events

5) Many Items, Locations, Phemes and Spells

6) A new Vernin Skill

7) The Venalicium Library path has been reworked into an Adventure

8) Hotkeys.txt now summarizes all Hotkeys.

9) Save Slot Hotkeys have been inverted: CTRL+F1-F5 now Saves, and F1-F5 now Replaces.

10) Player Mods have been implemented.


...as well as corrects these issues:


1) Several Items may now be used correctly

2) Sima's Adventures are now Titled correctly

3) Improved Familiar Handling is restored to 4 Skills

4) Several Actions and Abilities now inherit Targets correctly

5) Most Music Events now have Prerequisites

6) The Secret Heritage path now works more directly

7) Study Monster was reworked

8) Astronomy now has a Perk at level 9

9) Bessa Ana's Adventure rewards are no longer wholly silly

10) The Imperial Reserve is now less Stressful

11) Isabeau's Big Haul is now much more random, as originally intended

12) Several bad Prerequisites were addressed

13) Many Descriptions were revised

14) Question Knowledge now bears a heavier price to pay

15) Attribute and Skill tooltips function correctly again.

16) You may now move more than 1 Item from a Location into your Inventory.

17) 'Refresh' Issue on XP and Vista corrected.

18) Phemes are now alphabetical in all cases.

19) Detention and Hall Sessions reporting has been improved.

20) An essential fix for saving games in certain situations was implemented.

21) Detention Reporting was improved (related to #20)


Special thanks to the following Academagians who originally suggested or raised awareness of these:















Jeff Wang







Random Logician


Sabin Stargem






Vieux Chat





Thanks also to our community for these excellent Events:


Random Event Awesome Community 8: Bipbipbopbop

Random Event Awesome Community 9: Torolf

Random Event Awesome Community 10: mecharm

Random Event Awesome Community 11: Random Logician

Random Event Awesome Community 12: Adrian

Random Event Awesome Community 13: mecharm

Random Event Awesome Community 14: Jazerus

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It sounds like you haven't done anything wrong: the latest DLC overwrites (and includes) DLC 1, DLC 2 and all the Content Patches. Once you install DLC 3, you should only see 'Riddles of the Queen' available.


Let me know if that answered the question!


oh ty for the help :)

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