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Request: Rimbal Bet


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I would love to have more Rimbal Events that actual use the Rimbal Skills.

Sadly my English insnt good enought to do the text so I just suggest some possible Options. If some on want to make a real Event out if, your welcome.


Normal Rimbal Game and your Team have a bet of 20 pims per person set and the Team sould be some Friends


1) Persuation (Default) You dont whant to play failure -1 with the Person who aranged the Game , Success 5 pims, - 1 Stress because you convinced a good replacement for you and the Team wone.

2) Rimbal Plays result in either loose the 20 pims and +1 Stress or win 20 pims and +1 Skill in Rimbal tactics

3) Rimbal Postions result in 20 pims +1 with a Team Member or loose 20 pims and -1 with a Team Member

4) Rimbal Tactics give Bonus to Rimbal Playes and Rimbal Positions

5) Endurance lead to a draw game with +1 with a Opponent Player or -1 Vitality

One or 2 Magical Option for Cheating (Higher Difficulty as the Rimbal Options)

6) Gate Spell

Swarm of Bees with failure get you a reprimand and success gives you a 25% Success Chance Bonus (Requirement Gates Spells 2 and roll on INT/Gates like the spell)


7) Maybe Master Spell? Because I havent skilled Master so fare some one other sould suggest one.

(Sorry put 6 into Spoiler because it uses a Restricted Magic)

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