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checking what patch i need


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You'll find the correlation in the version number:


1.1.0 = 10

1.0.9 = 9



Right now, you should use Patch 10, unless you have XP or Vista, in which case I recommend 10a. You can of course use 10a regardless of OS, but it's produced mainly to help XP and Vista users.


Let me know if that answers your question! ;)

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client version? publisher version?


and do i need all the previous patches first, or can i go ahead and do 10a immediately? (*edit* since i read: it's cumulative, but does that mean, you can stack it on top of previous updates, or that it includes the previous ones in it too?)


thanks for the fast replies btw

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thanks for the reply.


next point : i downloaded the 10a update, and put in in my installation map as instructed, but now i can't load my games anymore (games made àfter I patched to 10a)


*edit* it was a save i just made after patching of my new char, so i got a clean save of his entire background and stats, game errors and closes when i try to open it

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Hmmm! That's...unusual.


If you don't mind, try installing Patch 10, and then Patch 10a. I haven't seen any problem with loading in my own test games- perhaps something is missing from Patch 10a.





already did that ;) I 'accidentaly' installed 10 first, and then I read from you that 10a is for vista/xp, so i put 10a on top of those

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