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Can we get a little how to on the mod tools? I figured you create mod, give name, point to mod base.


But I'm not sure how to turn the mod into an .mdm file


My guesses resulted in

( created Acedemagia.amo by doing transform to official content on the modbase.


Impossible to publish mod. The basic official content of mod 'C:\Acedemagia\Acedemagia.amo' differs from c:\blah.amm'

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The primary way to create a mod for Academagia is actually to load ModBase (Open Mod, under Files), and modify what you wish. When it comes time to create an .mdm, you'll want to go to Tools->Publish Mod. Once you begin a publish, by the way, reserve 6+ hours for it- it takes a very, very long while!


You will need one other file (the AMO) in order to publish (and is the source of your errors), and that will be up on RapidShare this afternoon. Once you have this file, you can also create a new file directly from it, but it may be best to use ModBase.

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The Mod Toolset has been released, and can be found here:

The Mod Base has been released and can be found here (RapidShare link):

The Mod AMO has been released and can be found here (RapidShare link):


You should get all 3 files, in order to mod for Academagia. You only strictly need the Toolset and the AMO, but it's best if you use the Base as a starting point for your Mods.


First, a note of caution: you should never, ever, ever make changes to the AMO. If you do make a change to the AMO, it's best for you to delete it and download a new copy. The AMO is the reference content, and if you change it, any subsequent mods you create which are based on it will have a hard time being used. It's better not to even open it- just keep it off to the side for publishing (see below).


To begin, open the Mod Tool tools and go to File -> Open Mod. Select Mod Base here, and you will be able to see the Academagia content, current to DLC 2. From here, you can make whatever changes you wish: adding, deleting or modifying any entity in the game.


Probably the first change you will want to make is to go to File -> Properties and name your Mod. You want to name it something unique, or there may be problems when it comes time for your Players to enjoy your mod.


Once you are complete with the changes that you have made and are ready to test/publish, shut down the Mod Tools and reopen. Then go to Tools -> Publish Mod. Here, you will first want to select your Mod (in this case, whatever you renamed Mod Base to), the AMO it is referenced from (in this case Academagia 1.0.0), and finally what you want to name your Mod. Once you have done so, give your computer lots of time (6+ hours), as it checks exhaustively your mod against the official content, and all the complex links between entities for changes. You may want to sleep during this time. :D


When the publishing is complete you will have a brand new Mod to share with us. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


As a general request: if you find typos or other errors and you choose to correct these in your Mod, please also keep a record of your changes so that we can incorporate them into the official content!


Enjoy. :)

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Phew. This interface could use a tutorial. I don't see how it all hangs together. For instance, what separates the passive ability Wakefulness (which is always on) from the active ability Visit the Vault of Voices (which you must do manually)? The two appear very similar within the mod tools. In general, someone posting a tutorial on the functionality of the mod tools would be wonderful.

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I am not sure we'll be able to get a formal tutorial, unfortunately, but I'll assist with questions as I can.


What separates them is the Duration. If the Duration is 0 in an Ability, it's Passive. If it has a Duration of any value other than 0, it becomes Active.




We'll see if we can get another AMO download up for you. :)

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I tried to follow your instructions but when I want to name the mod (just before its supposed to check the mod against the official content) I get this error:

"The version of database file '...Academagia 1.0.0.amo' is invalid. Please convert database before publishing."

Is there something I'm doing wrong? Thanks for your help.



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I wanted to try out the Mod Tool, so I opened Base and played around with it for a bit. After a while I wanted to see how the changes would affect the game so I tried to publish it by selecting my Mod and then the AMO. I didn't even open it before so I'm quite confused why I'm getting the error. :)

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Alright, so to clarify:


1) You opened Mod Base and changed a few things.

2) You then closed the Mod Tools and reopened them.

3) You navigated to Tools - Publish Mod and chose ModBase.amm and pressed 'Open'.

4) You then selected Academagia 1.0.0.amo and chose 'Open'.

5) Finally, you typed in the name of your Mod and chose 'Save'.


...if I understand correctly, you experienced the issue on step 5? By chance, did you close the Tools and reopen then (not loading the Mod?) I didn't put this step in the original guide, but it can be important.


Let me know if that corrects the issue!

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Wow I'm trying to make a character called Harvey Rotter (hum wonder how my parody mind is working) and I'm getting a new appreciation for the work that went into these characters in your world. Everything is defined is classic object oriented fashion and my alleged mind is swimming.

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