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Quick Modding question.


Are backgrounds applied only at new game start?


If I want to expand a mod can I add to an existing background and have it pick up the new stuff without starting a new game? (Are which mod's are applied picked only on starting a new game?)



For examply my mod adds 4 new actions then uses a background to add them to the player. Let's say I want to create 1 more action. and have the same background add it too.


If the mod name and filename stay the same do I need to start a new game to see that action?

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Unfortunately no- the process of mod making insures maximum compatibility across any and all changes that you make. This means that the simplest change takes just as long as a massive one! We are considering ways to streamline the process of mod making to support our players, but we haven't found a good solution yet.

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If you convert your Mod into an Official Content and then publish said Official Content, the process is much faster; although apparently Mods created this way will need to be recreated after every DLC or Content Patch. Normal fix patches however seem okay, as far as I can tell.


The process is really, really much faster though, so it is definitely worth it over the normal Mod publishing process.

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I compress the mod base with rar and it effectively pack the 362 mb file down to 151 mb, so please make it a standard to have the official download and any mod sharing be done in some sort of file compression.

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Alright, so to clarify:


1) You opened Mod Base and changed a few things.

2) You then closed the Mod Tools and reopened them.

3) You navigated to Tools - Publish Mod and chose ModBase.amm and pressed 'Open'.

4) You then selected Academagia 1.0.0.amo and chose 'Open'.

5) Finally, you typed in the name of your Mod and chose 'Save'.


After step one and two, it doesn't appear to save the mod changes I made. Mod base is not renamed, and there is no file on my system that I can find that matches the name I changed it to in File>Properties. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong.

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