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Best clique members?

Sabin Stargem

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Oh come now Nyaa. Couldn't you just do the analytical voodoo that you do so well, then report the conclusions without the gory and spolierific details on how you got them? ;)

...yeah, yeah I can. 50+ students is too big to report though, there only interesting thing that won't spoil the student plan is probably Goal, which have some interesting achievement each student are trying to archive, and should help you understand that character personality better. Maybe.


Maybe I will do it later when my raging headache from watching 5-6 episodes of my little pony in a row is over.

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When I wondered if Emilia's Gift souldnt be a temp. Ability



Sure, it's definitely more powerful than some of the other Students, and is meant to be. :)


...of course, as the Years progress, this may not always hold true...;)

So even if we continue with a char to year 2 some choises of Clique Members dont look as good as they are do now.

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Someone in other thread mentioned that he got 9 friend in a clique before...fricking NINE! That's like an whole army!


He needs to write a guide.


My Clique in my just-finished game was myself + nine people: Ausdauer Mollers, Catherine Chard, Emilia Picotti, Emilia Strolin, Honors Plafox, Katja Quinnecht, Mairgrete Starkley, Neta Xemutre, and Silke Neiderstatter. I wanted Amada Kiffer, but she started her own Clique before I could get her. The only ones of those I specifically targeted were Emilia P (because permanent +3 charm is silly good), Neta (because permanent +1 charm is still good), Honors (because I took the Heroes parentage and needed a Stress minimum decrease), and Silke (+1 Fitness for free; not that great because fitness is easy to get, but didn't hurt). The others were end-of-the-year pickups who had never gotten a Clique; the relationship points were mostly gained through Perform: Voice actions that I was doing anyway for Merit and Glory.


Actually befriending them was pretty easy, namely because I abused the heck out of the Stress Bonus to get +4-8 to the later Befriend actions. It's easy to add 8 Stress to yourself to ensure an action works when you have 29 max Stress. And, because none of them are really bullies, they don't seem to have enough of a problem with each other to cause a schism. I used zero actions to get them to like each other.

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My favorite clique members are:


Silke and Neta. These two are fairly self explanitory. +1 Fitness and Charm is super useful, and Silke's enormous boost to stress capacity is just incomparable. These two are the most clutch of the clutch clique members.


Zoe Melis and Els Rottmundyn. Zoe is great for blowing exams out of the water, but the real star here is Els. Els is hilariously useful. Got a tough skill check coming up, but it's not a skill you really feel like investing in heavily? Use Efficient Research and Els' Constructive Criticism to get the temporary boost you need to blow the skill check out of the water and move on with your life. Never fails.


My last main pick is Aymeri Couer simply because Character Study, Listen, and Infiltration are all great skills and he's a bro.

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