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Digging in the database


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I'm probably going to wind up spoiling myself quite a bit. (I've got my favorite 1st year saved off anyway, now is time for silly fun) But


I see a spells and wands background section. Did you guys decide that that was too many backgrounds?


I don't remember actually encountering weather in game, but there is a whole chart for the weather of each day. Does weather affect anything?


What does Random Effect Chance do?

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So I've been poking around the files, wondering if there's a spell of thread necromancy anywhere :lol: , and I found a bunch of stuff that don't seem to be implemented either in-game or in the mod base.


Can you tell me what these do, what they're supposed to do, and maybe how an intrepid modder might enable them?


Starting from the tab menu:


1. Monsters

2. Sound

3. Newspaper Issue

4. Investiture

5. Memory

6. Nickname

7. Display

8. Default Rumor Description

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2-4 and 6-7 you cannot use, at least, I don't think they were far enough along in the code to be used in any way before we dropped them. Number 5, Memory, works fine and is used widely.


1 can be used to create a Combat, but Monsters have almost no AI and so it's relatively useless to do so. Well, apart from a training dummy. :lol:

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