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What is stress minimum?

Sabin Stargem

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Silkie can reduce Stress Minimum, but is that only at the time of joining, or are bonuses and penalties always at play?


Silke's bonuses are permanent, which is what makes her one of the more valuable clique members you can get. I don't believe stress can actually go below 0, though; but with Silke, you can accumulate a lot of stress minimum and still be fine, though I have no idea what actually raises stress minimum.

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If you have access to the Schohanwicht (sp?) School, there's a one-time ability that lets you gain a point in the stat of your choice in return for a permanent point of Stress (i.e. your Stress Minimum is now 1). Silke might be able to get rid of that, I haven't tested it yet...


ETA: Confirmed. Even though I recruited Silke before doing the Special Summons, my minimum is still zero. Handy :huh:

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