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Hello, this is what I find from stalking Legate's posts. Those link with a (#3) mean the answer is at #3 of the post, and I will post the answer straight at here if it just one to three lines long.


I won't cover Game mechanic since you can find it all in the manual. Exception is the year two features and stuff. We must know.


Link are sorted by reverence to each other for smoother reading, so search with keyword. The list is still growing because people ask weird questions everyday.


All these will remind in the current categorized form until year 2, which a new lore thread will begin and this place will finally be sorted.



World Lore


One day: 24 Hours

One Year: 360 Days


Months of the Season:

Cheimare -> Nivelos = Winter

Aruit -> Anedius = Spring

Kaliri -> Theriventus = Summer

Athonos -> Gelamenus = Fall.


Solar System: Closest to furthest.

Fax - Eora - Cyve - Dox - Ocupater - Ianuus - Hiberna - Vigil - Tumultus


The Setting (Elumia) (#4) & (#1)

Head of Government(#3)

High King

Current King

Why the lack of emporor (#2)

Mage Taking Office


Who does Orso report to? Orso reports to the Regents, and the Regents report to the Emperor. As there is no Emperor, they technically report to the Captain of Mineta, but that's a formality which is rarely observed.

Monetary System: This is too large of a question! Speaking only about the City of Mineta, the Captains have, from time to time, varied metal composition in their coinage, yes. Bank certificates are in wide use, along with various kinds of promissory notes. Full reserve, except for the Thieves Guild.

Disaster: In the case of a disaster like a city fire, the local firefighter brigade (consist of wizards) and all local wizard are require to assist in putting out the fire.

Caused the Cataclysm of Monteon: A lot of people on Elumia would like to know what caused the Cataclysm. Bahahaha!


World Map: Most of the island are floating! They are analogues to real world locations!

Islandquakes: The source is unknown, but it's suspected to be part of the original magics used to lift the islands into the sky.

*Renaglia is northern Italy, Meril is French in character, Vilocia is Germanic, Staade is part of Vilocia(Germanic), Monteon is Spain, Medinei is 'Portuguese', Alesfan is mostly Ethiopia, Sultanate of Teique is closest to Ottoman Empire, no Balkans in modern Elumia, and Cassatta is all that remains of the ancient Choretes (the most Grecian)- but even then, they are about as Greek as Calabria, etc.


Celtic States: 'Scotland' is very large. 'Ireland' and 'Wales' are chains of very small islands. 'Cornwall' and 'Brittany' can be seen on the Elumian map,


Very little is known for the China equivalent. It is rumored to be under the sway of Dragons, and fabulously wealthy.



Bunch of geographical question (answer on next post)

A place like Bermuda Triangle? : The Maelstrom of Monteon fits- it's an area of cyclones and other dangerous weather where Monteon once was. Sailing there is...foolish. :)

Seven Seas equivalent: None. Geographically the peoples of Elumia tend to orient themselves around island chains, describing the gulfs between isles. They would not understand large bodies of water or air in the same sense sailors of Europe did.

southern part of Strozzan?: Current baron is Prete Spagneri, Baron of Thei.

Height of Elumia


Numberal (#6)

Floating Island and Airship: Regular service only goes to cities and major towns, so outlying areas on any island can suffer from lengthy delays in mailing.


Airship Propulsion System: Magical wind, natural wind currents or steam powered. Especially in Ruckmarn.

How Steam move Airship? : They have several different steam turbines which turn propellers. The very largest of these ships have redundant booms with many different propellers set on them.

Rock Ship

Airship Weight: Yes, there is only so much weight the Volaunge can carry before it sinks below the isles and cannot dock.

Airship Navigation: Navigation by stars and position of the sun is all that's necessary. As you note, apart from the mercantile traffic (which follows the coast, or, in some cases, actually sails over land) there is no long distance navigation necessary. Dragons have an unerring and unknown method of navigation, however.

Animal Flight Hazard for Airship:The only animals that pose genuine hazard to airships are Dragons, although certain birds...well...you'll have to explore a bit in game.

Magic Carpet: They are not common, but objects enchanted for flying are also seen fairly regularly, and wouldn't cause a stir over any major city.

Limitation of Traveling to other continent

How they get water!?

Crossing Dangerous Water with Regular BoatLocals, yes, but it's by no means a common skill.

Other land connected to Elumia


Goverment During Dragon's Rule

Dragon War: Due to lack of surviving record, scholars suggests that these wars took place approximately 4000 to 5000 years ago. No further information other than they are the enemies who enslaved us.

The wall that warded off dragon, it worked.

Recent War:

Probably the most recent conflicts were a war between the Pashate of Khaifa and the Pashate of Saisyne; an escalation of the Brother's War in Medinei; continued commercial conflicts between the Barony of Cassatta, the Republice of Alfi, the Duchy of Ilice and the Republic of Ghiera; continued war between the Duchy of Breuil, the Republic of Pievre, the Confederation of the Plaite and the Duchy of Vauriege; and finally the Duchy of Staade and the Principality of Schus are winding down from a particularly bloody conflict.


War about mining/trade rights: Lasted 6 years.


The Brother's Wars: One (of the war) became so dangerous that the Duke of Breuil, who guarantees the throne, intervened and fought a limited war against an independent company of Monteon mercenaries. The 'war' has been going on now for about 10 years.


Brother's War happening at Medinei

Standing Militias

Communication (#3) : There are several, including mirrors. There are some dream sendings, too- I believe you can be taught one in a Background.

Mailing System (#D)

Mailing Priority: A religious order, the Last House of the West, is usually what people use for very important mail. Their vows insure secrecy, and they have very potent magic as well. Less important mail is usually privately contracted with a merchant, captain or other traveler, for a small fee. Pievre has a governmental mail service.

Where to mail away my weird stuff? : I suppose somewhere in Oursouk or Teique.

Knowledge - Air Circulation: There is no significant knowledge about the need for circulation, apart from practical knowledge mostly limited to miners.

Technology: Several nations are advanced enough to have discovered and employed the steam engine. Ruckmarn and Staade are two of the most industrialized. Gunpowder has been discovered and is used, although it mostly considered a curiosity in the south. Fireworks are relatively common.

Old Calculator: Abacuses are in wide spread use. More advance version of Antikythera mechanism are in use for Astrology.

Magnet and it's uses: Compasses seem to point to places in Cyve, and have something of a limited use.

Lightning Rod: Not invented. Lightning is generally handled by magical collectors which most towns purchase and install.

Siege Weapon: Does not Exists. Perhaps as curiosities.

Periodic Table of Element: None in this era, unfortunately.

Religion: Gods: They also take care of souls through their servitors, such as the saints.

Religious Conflict: Religious wars have broken out in the past; some of the conflict between Elumia and Oursouk is motivated by religion, as was some of the early wars of the Empire. However, since worship of the New Gods is so prevalent, there is a general tolerance of minority religions.

crusades/inquisitions: In this era, no, but the commercial conquests in Oursouk, from to time to time, has a religious undertone.

Religion: Name of Gods

Religion: Name of Saint

Superstition: Typical "break a mirror, walk under a ladder, aversion to black felines, the number 13, etc."

Superstition 2: The ones unique to Elumia culture are about 'walking under wings', general fear of falling, and the 'dragon's glare'

Marriage & Murder


Police Uniform: Policemen are of the Mineta Watch and would typically wear their own garments, supplemented with boiled leather. A tabard would be supplied to them, in Mineta's colors, so that they could easily be identified, along with their badge of office.

Shopping Bag Material: Anything reusable- wicker design being the most likely candidate, but cloth (burlap) sacks as well.

Pencil/quills: No use for pencils; for quills, any kind of bird's feather will do. Naturally, people of wealth prefer rarer kinds of feathers.

Mineta Flag

Color of Mineta: It's gold for sovereignty, and green for the scales of the Dragon the Choretan rulers overthrew before the New Gods arrived.

Relationship: Faux Dragons

Courts of Fairies


Current Political Situation: Tensions are high in various parts of Elumia, and there are two wars being conducted currently. The Academagia is located in the Empire of Man, which itself is currently very stable.

Your influence in Politic: You'll be getting a little more outside influence in Year 2, but Politics and such won't really come into play until Year 3-4.

Racism and Prejudice: They exist, life in Elumia is remarkably without the more prevalent notions of racism and sexism, though. Probably extended to LGBT as well.

Technology Level: Elumia is about the same level as Early Reformation Europe, with slightly more advancements in primitive steam power and metallurgy.

Clockwork Tech: Clockwork and clockmaking is much more advanced in Elumia as compared to Renaissance Europe- for the very wealthy, clockwork pocket watches are certainly available.

Firearms/Cannon: Cannons exist, but they are not rifled.

Measure System: Elumia uses the older form of measurements (feet, stones, etc.), but in one nation (Pievre), the metric system has recently been created.

Weather: Weather in Mineta is fully seasonal due to the Current of Embers, which brings all kinds of weather like snow. The general climate of this area of Elumia is much more mild, however.

Weather Prediction: Yes, there is- and changing the weather is generally pretty easy to find out.

Season: Mineta has fairly irregular weather as compared to the rest of Renaglia, which is mild, and can grow in every season but winter. The City of Mineta is predominantly affected by the Current of Embers, which brings a lot of weather to the island, and its growing season is usually Summer/Fall, with the last harvest in October.

Alternate Dimension: Hostis Spiritus and the Rending Leech. Not much is known, my guess is one is for spirit and one is for really creepy creatures.

Steampunk: Currently removed. Might return in Year Two along with the ability to build steam driven companions.

Ninja: "There is Ninja in Elumia, just not this far west. But who knows?"

Vampire: "You won't see Vampires in Year 2, but...we'd like to get there eventually. Would be fun." (They appear in year 1 though)

Location of Ninja: That particular place is not known, except to particularly far-ranging travelers. Additionally, this knowledge is alloyed by the dread of (and righteous fury against) the Dragons, many of which still rule beyond Elumia's borders.

Samuria?: Who can say? There are no trade routes to the far east, so it's all just conjecture, myth and legend. On the other hand, strange eastern swords sometimes make their way even as far as Elumia...

Slave/Servant: There are indentured servants (and serfs) in Elumia, but no slaves. Slavery still exists in Oursouk and Teique, however, and presumably further east as well.

Thieve Guild: It had to be removed due to time constraints, but I believe it will be back in Year Two. There is more than one organization which deals with Assassins, but you probably won't be able to join them until a later Year.





Welcome to Academagia, a reputable school that's several miles across, at least.


Common Collage =Rivalry:

Aranaz vs. Durand

Avila vs. Godina

Morvidus vs. Vernin

Kazus* vs. Durand

Icanyke* vs. Vernin


Note: Rivalry changes overtime, and the name is named after influential people in the revolt against the Dragons.



Kazus (Offer Mastery): King Kazio the Lesser was the King of the Bryzech tribes, and was famed for dominating the Dragon who ruled Brysia.

Icanyke (Offer Gate): Icanyke was the Queen of the Zsolta, and her cabal of sorcerors were famous for Gates.


Years of Education: A total of 5 years

Age of year 1 student: 12-14. DEPENDS.

Oldest First year: Coincidentally enough, the oldest (Jere Niemala) and youngest (Kurt Henning) share the same birthday, one year apart - Kurt, actually, should technically be in a younger class, but Orso made an exception because his birthday is so close to the cutoff line. Second oldest is Aymeri Couer and second youngest is Flore Yveuillet (who's actually born on Juvenalia - the first day of school was her birthday).


Title: Archmage They're still around, it's an old formal title in the Empire of Man, but it's no longer possible to get the Archmage title, unless you inherit it, or the Captain bestows it (politically dangerous.) The Title required authority from the Emperor, and has a set of rights and responsibilities.

Preschools: Preparatory academies, but probably they all offer advanced coursework, but they are focused and not suitable for general coursework of the study of magic.

Blackheath 's Reputation:

Age of Preschooler: About 8 years old, also the same age for apprenticeship.

Known preschools: Baltagio, Blackheath, Chameil, Safaviore, Vihuela, and more.

Admission: Entry is by application, but anyone can apply. In very special cases (due to talent or intelligence) non-Elumians and non-humans will be admitted. Bribes can and do change these circumstances (usually magical artifacts, not money, though), and personal relationships and degrees of nobility can affect the outcome, too.

Collage Admission: By the discretion of the Regents, each of them takes whichever factors are most important to them into account. This can leave some Students without a College- in such cases, the Legate will decide, usually based on the Student's original choice. All combination are possible, if not always desirable.

Expenses: 'Free', but many expenses like boarding are borne by the Student or their family. Wands are provided by the Student. In cases of extreme poverty, where the Student is very worthy, the Regents will offer a full or partial scholarship. It's assumed in Year 1 that certain Backgrounds automatically provide for this.

School Funding: Originally, the Academagia was entirely state funded, but this is no longer the case. Academagia has a variety of sources of income: private investment, investments the Academagia has made, and especially in the sale of magical items created by Students. State funding and Tuition are fairly small (but important) revenue sources as compared to these.

Some student background #1

Class: Available every school day morning and afternoon, raise the class skill and randomly teach a related Lore, Pheme, Spell, Recipe, Location, or a new Skill.

Advance Class: Amount of student usually thins out.

Student Organiztion (student council, treasurer, etc.): Yes, several. You will see them in Year 2.

Teacher-Run Study Groups

Student Nickname

Number of professor: Roughly 75 or so Professors at the Academagia, but only half or so would be teaching in any given year.

Year that Professor didn't teach: They will do all kinds of things instead, some related to research, some related to family or personal matters. You'd have to ask them.

Substitute Professor A few Instructors are 'without portfolio', and they handle substitutions. In Year 1, Professor Knoht is actually substituting for an extended absence, as she is without portfolio, I believe.

Class with Non-mage Professor: if the instructor is very knowledgeable and/or well-regarded. These Classes, though, are generally held for 5th years, in order to make sure the most...responsible Students attend.

Anymore new professor? : You'll see several new professors in Y2, and only a handful of the ones from Y1. It depends on your subject, though.

Professor's Payment: Professors are paid quite well, but not nearly as much as if they were, for instance, a court wizard, or in the employ of a merchant house. The real payment is in the research, the prestige and resources available to them.

Instructors 'aligned' with the College?: Yes, and they will mostly teach the advanced classes in that collage's subject. It can definitely be a problem if you are working against that Instructor's interests, as they have the increased power to give you demerits and detentions...

Ghost in campus: Fairly high to the storied history of magical misuse at 10-20.

]Dorm description[/b]

Common/dorm room rule: Common Rooms are open to friends of other Colleges during school hours. Dorm rooms are off limits, but there's little risk of being scolded for that during the day.

Homeless case (#2)

Upperclassman: They are everywhere and even as your roommate, but they only appear in events for now.

Phillipe's Two Brothers: They're all in Morvidus - which goes a long way toward explaining how Professor Storey came to be the hard case he is today.

Bullying: Magic between Students is not strictly regulated (as I am sure you can tell), and in many cases bullying is institutionalized: it's inherent to the competition instilled between Colleges, Students, in society, and as a product of the feudal modes practiced in Elumia.

Severe Bullying: Death, severe injury and mental infirmities are dealt with very severely, and as a consequence rarely happen. A Student being bullied to this point would be expected to step forward...but there is a strong peer pressure against this, too. It's an unpleasant situation.

Infirmary: Many. One in the Main Academagia Tower is on the first floor. It does not have windows, but it does have enchanted walls, so that you can 'be' virtually anywhere that makes you feel comfortable.


Student Drop Out? : Yes and the player can help his friends to stay in or do his worst to drop out his enemy. (Not year 1)

Collage: It is possible to change collage and/or influence the College as a whole to become more spirited at year two.

Founding of Collage: Colleges came to be more or less as housing was needed for prospective Students, or through the grants of emperors, kings and prelates. They really only began to formally differ from one another much later.

Regents: The Regents usually live in the main building, although that's by choice. They can live off campus, too, if they prefer.

Addressing Regent: Regent is the higher title. Regent would be used in a more formal setting, whereas Professor might acceptably be used day by day.

Other Academies (#2):

Dress Code: Fairly Strict, and apart from a cape does not really make provision for weather extremes- this is mostly to encourage young wizards to rapidly adapt to using magic to deal with those kinds of issues.

Dress Code for Balls

Gym Wear: Looser versions of daily wear, which would include trousers and a sleeved shirt. Women wear a similar kind of attire.

Carrying Weapon: Weapons must be peace bound, and, in general, you must have a patent to carry them (although this is rarely observed). As usual, as long as you don't bother the Instructors, they tend to turn a blind eye.

Getting back confiscated item: "I *believe* everything confiscated will still be available in Year 2."

Security: Entry to the Academagia requires an invitation or a magical seal. From time to time people do sneak out that do not have either of these, but that usually triggers an alarm. All Students and familiar are sealed on their first Day, so they (usually) do not have to worry about the powerful magical security. Even Parents will be turned away.

Family of Professor staying in Campus

Hall Patrol: Patrol is Student organized, and is not an activity sponsored by your College (although some Professors positively encourage it.)

Bath Room Facility: The disposition of bathrooms depends on the College- some are more spare than others, but all offer some amount of privacy.'Waterfall' style has achieved some popularity...where it can be afforded.

Laundry Cleaning: Enchanted clothing often prevents most forms of stains and dirt from accumulating.

Satyrs Dress code and Admission

First Year Curfew: Curfew for First Years is at the 9th Bell of the evening. The curfew doesn't change, regardless of Holidays or Weekends (but *enforcement* isn't so strict!) Curfew means be in your room, with no activity going on. Enforcement of that, though, also varies.

Boy that Cosetta Re would call a pervert: Realistically, Cosetta has probably called all the boys perverts at one time or another; that's just the way she rolls. That said, the offenders who deserve it the most are probably Vettor "Wet Shirt" Conta, Jere "I was just in the girls' baths so I could learn to imitate their singing voices!" Niemala, Reitz "Perhaps we can arrange a trade..." von Lutersee, and possibly Lambert "But I spy in the boys' bathrooms, too!" Cobo. [Note that Lambert really does spy in the boys' bathrooms. You never know what plots might be uncovered.]

Non-Player Student Expulsion

Expulsion, Punishment, Involment from Using Mastery

Praetexta Court: Suspension

Law and Magic: 1, 2

Relationship - City of Mineta: Tense, mainly due to students causing troubles.

Allowance System : Based on a success story of a student. Now incorporated as a way of measuring how much allowance you can have based on parent approval.

Nutrition System: Western norms for the Victorian period,

Lunch Period: you can either eat with your College, which occurs at times set by your Regent, or you can eat with the visitors at the Main Hall. Both are time ranges, not a fixed time, although...Avila *probably* has specific hours.

Food served: Different at the Main Hall and the various Colleges, and it's quality may vary depending on your tastes. Is the food that bad? It depends on if you ask Corradin or...

chocolate fruit

Food Preservation: Salt is available, but other spices trickle in- part of the reason for the commercial conquests currently going on, in fact.

Eating Utensils' Material: Most people use wooden spoons (or, depending on the meal, bread) for their cutlery. On the wealthiest would have utensils of metal, and they would use precious metals- of which silver is the most common and cheapest.

Dating: Frown upon due to abuse of Mastery in the past. Only truely allowed amongst the upper classman.

Student's Visitation Rights

The Academy of Magic of Mineta

Map of Academy

Hunting location: Nearest place to hunt would be outside of the city, in the mountains of Giardo or the forests of Porziana. Both of these places are over 50 miles away from campus.

Organize Hunting: There is some hunting in the city (for rats), and occasionally nobles will organize 'hunts' on their estates. There's also the Imperial Reserve, if you don't mind your hunting carrying the penalty of death...

New Map of Academy

The Vasastra Campanile One of three bell towers on campus. That particular one is notable because much of the workings are clockwork. It's locked up day and night.

White Veil on Vernin Tower

Ex-collage locations: Kazus and Icanyke campuses still exist on the map; they are now just used as Halls for general instruction (17 is Icanikix Hall and 19 is Kazus Hall.) Both (with some modifications), were simply converted after their proscription.

Map of Mineta Upper City

Midterm and Final

Benefit of Good Grade

Benefit of Study Level

Benefit of Glory: "Explosively increase your rate of success at Actions".

School Year and Month

Duration of One Day

Combat/Duel (#2)

Tradition Order of Duel

Monster Combat (#16) (Removed, might return in later DLC or Year Two)

Spell in combat/duel (#3)

Spell Collision

Romance: Won't happen until Year 3 and really gain steam in 4. There is a 'flag' you can acquire, though, which signals interest for the future.

Roommate: "Your character actually does have room-mate, (as I recall 3 of them.) " (Feature in Year Two)

Enhance Dormitory: You can decorate/enhance your dormitory in Year Two. No promise of any significant artwork.

Occupation After Graduation: It varies too much to really describe, but certain occupations are probably more popular with one College versus another, simply due to classwork and other training.

Continuity of Adventure

Student Npc's self growth





Year two will utilize Multiple Skill Rolls, so be prepare.


Ethics & Character

Lore from research: Have a relatively useful function in Year Two, when you begin to apply what you know.

Non-school curriculum:There are classes like Natural Philosophy which are offered outside of the curriculum by visiting scholars, contracted for the purpose. Visitation is random and also influence by the Legate's whim.

Zoology: Reptillian


How Rimbal work: In essence, the goal is to move the ball into the opponent's goal area. Alternatively, you can try to score a variable amount of points by 'casting' the ball at a Tabula which sits atop a pole in the center of the field. These basics are mostly true for the non-magical, original version, too.

Cagallo: Non-magical variant of Rimbal. It's actually older than Rimbal, which was created by wizards who wanted to spice up the game and deal with the constant magical cheating that would inevitably occur when mages played.

Rimbal Team Stats Screen

Rimbal Game (Removed)

Rimbal Game Concept

Rimbal Spell Not much use outside of Rimbal.

Marat: Essentially a card game that's a cross between "regular" cards and tarot cards.

Gambling: In addition to the standard games, there are a few magical games available, too. I think you may see some of them in Y2, possibly Y3.

Martial Art: There is no unarmed martial arts culture, apart from boxing, but there are many refined sword styles. Disagreements between non-mages are absolutely handled in this way.

Brewing: "Brewing/Potions-making is a Class in Year Two. It actually wasn't supposed to be one in Year 1, but our writers got a bit carried away."

Sword Art: Removed, hopefully return in Y2.

]Other Removed Skill:





All wizards have Familiars- whether they like it or not. Even wizards which try to isolate themselves eventually gain one...


Familiar List with ability

Player's Familiar that can Talk: sprite, shade and doll, Pamela, and Whispertooth (by storing and release word)

Student with talking familiar (#4)

Life Span: Most familiars are particularly long-lived and do in fact die with the Wizard.

Wizard Transfer Life to Familiar: Yes, but since such magics would be very temporary, and because of the dangers to the Wizard's body, it's not accomplished outside of theory.

Can Spirit Die? : They can die, if their anchor is destroyed or reconciled.

Visual of Spirit: It depends on the spirit to choose what form they want to take.

Replacement: "If you wish, you can purchase new Familiars and pets in Year Two. "There is also already a Ability in year 1 to change your familiar."

Magical Role: Familiars will become very important in Artificing, Enchantment and the creation of Geasa (in the future).

Possessing Familiar: It's possible, but the reverse is unheard of. Well, apart from cautionary tales of intrepid young Wizards trying to make Dragons their Familiars.

No size Limit: While a Wizard can have a large Familiar, even as large as an Elephant, it would be stored in the Menagerie if it were brought to the Academagia. Only smaller Familiars are allowed on campus.

Breeds of cats


Ghost power

Can you touch a Shade?

Shade Food: "From what I recall, Nightmare Lords. I might also add socks that go missing in the wash."

Dragon: Dragons can not be Familiars, for reasons that you'll have to discover. (Note: Flux Dragon is a magical lizard)

Pet: Besides your familiar, you may purchase pets, yes. Most pets have a buffing ability, provided that you carry them around with you.

-The function of feeding familiar and pet is removed due to the pain of keeping track of things.

Familiar Casting



Magic Lore


"Dragons actually taught humans all forms of magic except Astrology".

"Any magic can do anything as long as you are extremely creative and powerful enough...probably."



Exhaustion from Casting: Both mental and Physical; the mental stamina necessary to cast a Spell is equal to the physical stamina needed to trace the Phemes with precision.

Innate Element/affinity: It's believed to be no such thing.

Phemes (#3), Description

Palette #2 #3

Example of Casting Spell: The border can be drawn at any stage though.

Traceability: It's possible to alter the trace. Very obvious if used in a duel. Many Mages are able to determine who cast the Spell, though, as 'spell residue' is clear- especially if checked directly after the Spell was cast.



Magical Recording (voice, holo, etc): Yes, it's possible. :)

Trace Factor

Copy/Learn other spell: One's memory is the most important, but you can create Spells which can 'capture' other Spells, for later release or destruction.

Disguise Self to emulate someone with Revision:

Group casting/Ritual will affect the magic linear or exponentially?: I can't say that it's been widely tested over about 8; the risks of failure in a ritual are fairly dramatic.


Magic Unique To Family/Clan




Higher Level Illusion

Destroying a Spell


Power from Wand, user, or both?

Metal and Magic

Magical Food Diet

Golem: There are indeed Golems, both Clockwork and otherwise. These rely on sophisticated magics, especially Glamours and Revisions. Not sentient unless bounded with a spirit illegally and have no rights.

Color: Magic was planned to have a 'color' base on your emotional state, and some other factors, but removed due to difficulties of mentioning it in stories.

Color 2: There's a signature of Icanicix with a color that could not be described by mortal eyes.

Cooldown: "Originally Spells did have cooldowns, but we did away with that."

Adventure: Spell will be usable in year two adventures, or year one if someone mod it.

Magic/Item Creation: "True free-form Morrowind-style Spell/Potion creation won't come until you are at a much more advanced level in your studies."

Creation out of nothing: Incantation is the magical pillar you are looking for (although Glamour can do the job, as you note, and Revision could of course transform a rock into a pillow), but creating complex objects from absolute thin air is the hallmark of a master, and definitely not something you could accomplish at lower levels of study.

Best Magic for Repair: Revision would be the best, but of course, a combination would make things easier. Glamour, too, can help with this, if you don't mind it just 'seeming' to be fixed.

Enchantment Duration (First Year Student Level): Took few hours, last a few days. Longer as skill improve.

Enchantment on Object: It's easier on inanimate object.You could enchant a snowman to walk or enchant a hat that make the snowman that's wearing it to walk. The hat have (probably) no effect on a living person as it's much difficult, and if it does, it's not necessary Mastery.

Usage of Spell-Inscribed Item: Non-mage can use it, but triggered effects cannot be activated by non-mage. The effect has to be 'on' all the time if you want someone without training to employ it.

Volnague Wood

Magical Attributes of Material: Any material has different magical qualities and attributes.

Bag of Holding: Yes, however they are illegal, as they require Gates magic in their construction.

Spell Reinforcing:

Ghost-like Item:

Copy an Object: Yes, although difficult. It's possible to copy Enchantments, too- just adds to the difficulty.

Permanent Spell: It is possible to make Spells 'permanent', although it is very difficult, and they tend to wear off anyway (although after centuries in most cases.)

Remove Someone's Magical Ability: Not permanently.

Is it feasible to enchant a coin for increased "luck": Yes.

Satyrs: Probably live in the Imperial Reserve, and they are well known for their revelries. They do know several forms of magic, usually glamours, as well as having their own (fae) magics.

Negate Death with Negation: Possible, but the Spell duration, cost, the nature of magic, and the nature of life and death all make any kind of reasonably effective magic in this vein extremely difficult. This hasn't stopped wizards from researching the problem for centuries.

Negate Death with Negation 2:The difficult of negating death is actually the same for all manner of beings, whether flora or fauna. It's nearly impossible, although very powerful mages have been able to accomplish it for brief periods of time. Of course for flowers, it's easy enough to revise them to a 'living' state, although it's not quite the same.

Negate Old age with Negation: Same as above, high cost, difficulties, and temporary. Although much less compare to death.

[Healing Heart Attack (#6)


Translation Magic: Yes, if the practitioner is sufficiently advanced.

Permanent Effect: All in all, making something permanent is very difficult.



Powerful Magic


Punishment for Studying Banned Magic (#E): Negation tests that can be used to determine if you cast such magic and also can compel you to tell truths, although this is more rarely used.

Gate (Most recent Ban at 300 years ago)(Fitness): Art of Summoning Monsters: "Few summoned monsters are evil, but almost all are violent: it's a byproduct of taking any animal, whisking them from wherever they were in an instant, and dumping them disoriented in a strange place, with strange smells, and a strange human standing right...near...by. " Oursouk mages seems to have advance skills in using gate without the problem you normally encounter, but these mages are somewhat insane. Practitioner typically use conditions or Geasa to control the entities they summon, but Mastery could also be use.

Gate: Banish Creature

Current knowledge of Gate

Mastery (Most recent Ban at 300 years ago)(Fitness): Manipulate the mind. Banned due to misuse of mind control, mind reading, and other horrible things. You can use the controlled being's Spells and Abilities without knowing how to use them yourself.

Blending of Various Pillars of Magic: Blending Pillars requires a new form of Casting which you have not been exposed to.

Movements for ban all magic: There are a few monastic orders that ban magic within their walls, but apart from a few peasant's movements centuries ago, there are no such movements. Publically.

Reason for Banning Mastery and Gate

Why not use restriction instead?

Identifying Illegal Magic

Legality of Dragon Part: There's nothing inherently illegal about Dragon body parts...but there would be a lot of questions about how you obtained them.

Wizard of pre-ban era: A few wizards are still alive from the period before the ban. They were not killed out of hand, but were forbidden to practice their magics and train new apprentices. With wizards that powerful, generally people tend to turn a blind eye...

Most reason for unban: It's almost always: 'We're way smarter than we were last time', and usually unban for Centuries. In Pievre, in particular, there is a growing sentiment amongst the wizards there to re-open inquiry into these fields. Everyone else may need persuading

Mastery on Dragon: Kazus was the only human recorded to be able to use Mastery on a Dragon, which is why he is always associated with that magical science. Of course, it was a very young Dragon, but...

Benign use of Mastery

Geasa/Geas: Very powerful, structured magic and are generally beyond first year students. So far the only Geasa in the game is the one resulting from a Duel where Player can be subjected to it if they lose, which bind them from further hostile action against the winner for the rest of the year.

Song-Glamour: Unknown, but it could be accurate to compare to Pied Piper, although that feat is more like song-mastery. Require Music Class and probably Glamour Class.

Song-Incantation: Using Pied Piper example.

Orthography (Finesses): Combination of Enchant and Glamour. Champion by Aranaz but was dropped from the curriculum.

Time-Magic: So far, the one we seen in game are fake time created by Glamours. Real Time Travel belongs to [redacted].




General Mundane Questions and things I'm too lazy to sort


One, Two, Three, Five, Six, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty, Twenty-One, Twenty-Two



Academagic Staff/Team/Technical Related Info


Team of Black Chicken Studios: 10 or 11 people, but the contract writing team was much larger at 50+.

Black Chicken Image: If only this is the intro screen...

Inspiration: "Ursula Le Guin's A Wizard of Earthsea and Tamora Pierce's Alanna series. In both books, we always wanted to know more about the actual universities, which are somewhat kept off-page, and what it might like to study magic."

Art Style: Nouveau and Neo-Classical

Music List: Here

Music Availability : No, except one

Legate of Mineta: The nice owl that answer your question.

Academagia Fan: Beware

Behind the Scene Art: Pretty~

Early UI Design: All bright and sunny.

Early UI Design: Old Paper texture

Early UI Design: With Steampunk and design note.

Layout Design Notes: With Steampunk and design note.

Student AI Explained: Whole topic

Credit Screen Image: So...so beautiful...

Redacted Questions 1. Three, Four 5

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I thought it was Rugby too, and I decide to spoil myself and look at all the rimbal event.


-It use the word shoot hustling, grab (not goalkeeper, but by a invisible ghost), hustling, the ball strikes, score a goal, pass, flick the ball, a player dropped the ball (while playing).


-Rimbal ball is light and airy but solidly hard.


-It seem to be play with 6 vs 6 players.


So it seem to be... scoccer, where you can grab it with hand and charge like football or kick it with leg.

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Rimbal is a bit difficult to explain but it has its origin in Cagallo, which is the non-magical version of the sport. It was an ancient mariner's game, which was played on deck, and had two goals: reaching the opponent's side of the ship or making a difficult toss at a mast. Each side maintained control over the ball for a period of plays, and had to relinquish the ball at the end of that time, or if they scored.


In the magical version of the game, the goal is to magically move the ball into the opponent's 'port', or make a difficult cast at a target suspended in the center of the field. The ball is to be moved by magical means, and too much physical contact is called 'fouling' the ball. You can cast Spells on the field, usually on the ball, but anything goes (especially if no one is watching too closely.) There is a class of Rimbal-approved Spells which are usable in league play.


The mini-game for Rimbal is actually in the code of Academagia, and can be accessed through the Rimbal Effect, if you play around with the Mod Tools. I don't recommend it, though, as it was dropped from development about 2 years ago. :)

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Okay, since I failed my observation roll so badly... All these Pirate ships that are mentioned throughout the game - are they Final Fantasy-style Airships or enchanted floating sailing vessels?


Does lots of the landmass in Academagia float, or are the Islands special? How do the Islands retain water?

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Almost all ships have keels made from the Volnauge tree, which naturally has a buoyant quality. There are other naturally occurring materials that have this quality as well, but for a variety of reasons almost all modern ship building is done with Volnauge. Vessels which float from pure enchantment are possible, but the costs are such that it's generally not practical.


All of the Islands float, but they are definitely unique: they have been ripped from Cyve and placed in the air during the Exile by powerful Draconic magic. It is not possible to reach Cyve from the Elumian Isles, as an airy maelstrom destroys anything so unfortunate as to enter it if you try. It's thought that the Dragons know a way to return, but if so, they aren't telling. :)


Islands 'appear' to renew themselves when matter belonging to them enters the maelstrom. Almost invariably, things lost in this way are returned to the Isle via a special well, muddy pit or fiery pool found on the Island in question. These are usually, but not always, in the center of the Island and kept under strict guard by whatever authority governs there. Water is no exception to this rule- it eventually returns to its source, unless bottled or stored. More water enters the islands through the natural action of weather- this kind of moisture, however, does not seem 'bound' by the Island and runs off never to return.

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Nice but Now I am Sure that ther must be Autorized Gate Research going because Gate Magic looks like one (if not the only) of the ways to get to other Islands or even the Ground. That the Dragons are only keept away from the Isle because of the Wall is a known Fact for the Adventuros Vernin and that the Wall wont keep the people Save for ever is probably also a sad fact.

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No problem, at least Legate won't need to explain the same thing every month. Would be great if someone can sticky this.


There's still 60 pages worth of his posts I need to read through so maybe there will be more lore to uncover.

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