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Mod Tools Now Available


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Please visit this forum for latest details.



The Mod Toolset has been released, and can be found here:

The Mod Base has been released and can be found here (RapidShare link):

The Mod AMO has been released and can be found here (RapidShare link):


You should get all 3 files, in order to mod for Academagia. You only strictly need the Toolset and the AMO, but it's best if you use the Base as a starting point for your Mods.


First, a note of caution: you should never, ever, ever make changes to the AMO. If you do make a change to the AMO, it's best for you to delete it and download a new copy. The AMO is the reference content, and if you change it, any subsequent mods you create which are based on it will have a hard time being used. It's better not to even open it- just keep it off to the side for publishing (see below).


To begin, open the Mod Tool tools and go to File -> Open Mod. Select Mod Base here, and you will be able to see the Academagia content, current to DLC 2. From here, you can make whatever changes you wish: adding, deleting or modifying any entity in the game.


Probably the first change you will want to make is to go to File -> Properties and name your Mod. You want to name it something unique, or there may be problems when it comes time for your Players to enjoy your mod.


Once you are complete with the changes that you have made and are ready to test/publish, shut down the Mod Tools and reopen. Then go to Tools -> Publish Mod. Here, you will first want to select your Mod (in this case, whatever you renamed Mod Base to), the AMO it is referenced from (in this case Academagia 1.0.0), and finally what you want to name your Mod. Once you have done so, give your computer lots of time (6+ hours), as it checks exhaustively your mod against the official content, and all the complex links between entities for changes. You may want to sleep during this time. :)


When the publishing is complete you will have a brand new Mod to share with us. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


As a general request: if you find typos or other errors and you choose to correct these in your Mod, please also keep a record of your changes so that we can incorporate them into the official content!


Enjoy. :)

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You probably will have to wait till DLC 15 will be released because the Legate promised to put up new links after the release of this DLC. (Sadly the links are always only good for a limited time)

But bevore the Team put the finishing touches on DLC 15 they whant to first finish theyr curent secret project thats already 4 Month behind schedule if I understand it right.

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Well, I hate to pester you legate, but it seems as though it is impossibe to download both the modbase and the AMO now. I still have my copies of them safe on my currently down 'puter so If I really needed them I could - you know - fix my PC, but that's work and I'm pretty lazy. (I just wanted to read some certain adventures as Academagia is not installed on this PC right now and I don't want to deal with impulse) Besides I'm sure you're on the verge of releasing the newest versions, ;) so I'm content to wait. I just thought you should know.

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You can still download them, you just have to find working links (which, admittedly, are an endangered species):


Here is a working link for the mod tools.

Here is a working, if slow and non-English link for the .AMO. To download click the middle white button with the arrow and (148.32M) on it, and then click the white button on the top-right.

Here is a working link for the DLC 15 mod base, which is the latest seeing as how the DLC 16 mod base hasn't been released.


Incidentally, was the plan to wait for DLC 17 to release the last modbase or is there a DLC 18 planned, or what?

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