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Couple of skill perk questions


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What does expanding the maximum of a skill that's not a subskill do for you?


For example the Skill perk 11 of pallets is to expand the of enspell, but you can't study enspell directly.


Doesn't getting 3 subskills higher then 10 get you an 11 there regardless of max? (not sure here)



Also a few skill perk 11's seem to be expands instead of expand max. Is this intended?

For example Armorer 11's skill perk expands Weaponsmith by 1.

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A few more


3 on research lvl 10s

Art Appreciation has no no lvl10 bonus not sure if that is on purpose

Eunacia's Haven has no lvl 10 bonus either (and only 2 lores)

Biology research lvl 10 expands the skill instead of skill max


Said these before except Manipulation the

Pallettes 11-> Enspell not a subskill

Manipulation 11 -> Beguile not a subskill

Armorer 11- >Weaponsmith skill instead of skill max

Coordination 11-> Logistics skill instead of skill max

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