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Guide to choosing a collage


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He would force you to destroy Durand from the inside out, and make you frame Briardi with some evil scheme he cooked up. He's an old and crusty Tom Riddle without the wit and cunning. WHY does Orsi keep him around?!


I mostly love how if I'm super devious and borderline chaotic evil his affection rises and I get things. It makes me wonder what would happen if we found away to throw Briardi out of Academagia. Then dethrone Orso Orsi and have Von Rupprecht take over the school. A place where Aranaz rains supreme!!!! ={0

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Now we don't know how our favourite college develop in the next years all we know is what happening in year 1 and what focus they have.

For my part Aranaz is actual the dead last college I chose because I'm no fan of its unique adventures and for having the focus on Calligraphy what is now considered a minor part of artificing the focus of Vernin.

Despite I'm a fan of the Negation magic I don't like the Durand college either, probably because of the focus on the Aranza vs Durand adventures.

From the Adventures I love Vernin and Morvidus the most followed by Godina.

Even or maybe because of the general negative view on astrology I personal suspect Avila will play a major part of the stories in the next years because its the magic dragons can't use.

Hedi might be a other small college but we already know dream magic and geas are part of what is learned there and so its probably the most powerful and flexible college when it comes to handle/ manipulate other humans.

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Well, although I don't think we've seen anything regarding the true powers of the magics of the colleges yet... I admit that the magical specialty isn't really what drew me to Aranaz, but rather the atmosphere, and the idea that for the most part, the magic can be practiced without the need of forges or other things requiring extensive manual labor. Plus that the magic of Aranaz seems very adaptable to various different magics, and that the classes so far have been ones that I can even enjoy, It's not hard to see why Aranaz is so perfect to me. Also it provides a potential magical day job that I would like to do while I train in magic further. All in all, the only major unknown for me going forward is whether I can keep Von Rupprecht's ambition in check, or whether that's even the best policy (If the school relies on you too much as a stabilizing element, after you graduate the whole thing might go off like a powder keg.)

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