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The painted Temple


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Sorry for the lame title, but desecrated seemed a tad overbroad... Enjoy :)




Well, it happened. All afternoon you have been hearing rumors about this 'thing' that happened in the Temple of Iudocia down in Mineta. Now, you are not exactly sure what it was but apparently the groundskeeper of the place has accused students of the Academagia as the culprit.


Ever since you head the first bit of the rumor you felt a shiver down your spine, like the gods and fates had conspired against you. Needless to say that you were proven right. For whatever reason you and a few other students were called down to the Temple to stand before the groundskeeper so that he might identify the culprit.


To say that you think it is unfair being dragged down to the temple is one thing, but another is this... farse! The groundskeeper is blind as a dead mole and of ALL the people summoned he picks you as the culprit.


You take a deep breath as you feel all the assembly look your direction.



Exit1: Accept the punishment, after all how bad can it be?


You choose to accept the punishment, after all, a blind old man can't surely be as bad as some of the teachers in the Academagia, right?




Hoo boy, were you ever wrong! He looks like he has lived well past the 150 years and he must have perfected his methods in that time, because for the past 4 hours you have been on hands and knees scrubbing off the paint which had been thrown to the floor. He even refused to let you do it by magic. Hmph!


+2 Stress

+1 Painting

Inform: Temple of Iudocia


Exit 2: Intelligence/Sleuthing: Something is off, but what?


You ask for the right to defend yourself, which you are grudingly allowed by the guard. You enter the temple and see the mess on the floor. You can see why the groundskeeper must have thought magic was involved. The paint is all over the floor, and in such radiant colors that it must be magic.


After testing various spells on the paint you deduct that it is a combination of both magic and paint. The obvious choice would be Casper Pfeuffer, but he usually sticks to the school. Hmmm!


You make a few trips into the nearby rooms and you see the groundskeeper looking more and more agitated as you do so. Surely he cannot be agitated just because you asked to postpone the 'punishment' half an hour, but what then? You realize that the rooms you are looking into is the staffs' rooms. A suspicion pops into your head, what if it was the groundskeeper?


You ask which room is his, and he points you to it after a a bit of muffled grumbling. In his room you do not only find an empty bucket of paint under his bed but with it a wand.


The groundskeeper breaks down after you present the evidence. Apparently he has a fondness for crime novels and wanted to experience the thrill of it all.


You can't blame the poor man, but the guards wants a word with him in private and sends you on your way home.


A note and 40 Pims arrive by currier to your door a bit later, the note explains that the man was sorry for what he did and hopes you can forgive him.


For 40 Pims?!? Of cause you can!


+ 40 Pim

+2 Sleuthing

Inform: Temple of Iudocia



You ask for the right to defend yourself against the charges, which you are begrudgingly given.


At first you investigate the scene of crime, but find very little evidence who might have done it – though whoever it was must have used a large bucket of paint, because this a laaaaarge mess.


After circling the main hall a few times (mostly clockwise) you realize that you won't get any further with this tactic. You decide to try a trick that you read about. You gather everyone in the main hall, and before anyone can get comfortable you cast a small charm leaving the room in darkness.


When the lights return a few moments later everyone is staring at you, still waiting for whatever it was you wanted to say or do. Disheartened you ask if there is a butler present but sadly that wasn't the case either.


The guards tire of your messing about and the old man casts sentence. Clean the room and do the dishes.


The room itself takes several hours worth of toil and if your hands weren't ruined from the scrubbing of the floor they certainly are after you have done the dishes.


When you finally leave it is near midnight and you still haven't studied for tomorrow. Sigh!


+3 Stress

+1 Painting

Inform: Temple of Iudocia


Investigate:Finesse/Perception: Lets have a look at the mess!


You are first amazed how much paint and glamour was used to make this mess. Surely the vandal should be punished for ruining such a serene place! But... oh right, they are working on that part.


On a more technical note you see that the glamour is still active, making the mess appear worse than it is. Negation would likely vastly reduce the mess. On a side note you realize that the walls in the temple could use a bit of paint themselves. It was likely that the paint on the floor was that which was intended for the walls...

Open exit 3 and 4



You are first amazed how much paint and glamour was used to make this mess. Surely the vandal should be punished for ruining such a serene place! But... oh right, they are working on that part.


With that in mind you look a bit closer, there are some glamour left so a negation spell might solve a part of this, but other than that... you can't really tell.


Open exit 3


Exit3:Insight/Negation: Negate the glamour and clean whatever is left up by hand.


You successfully negate the glamour, and while there is still a lot of paint on the floor it seems to come off easily. After an hours toil you are finally able to go back the the Academagia and return to your studies for tomorrows class... hurra...

+1 Stress

+1 Negation Methods

+1 Painting

Inform: Temple of Iudocia



You cast a negation spell on the paint and... well, nothing happens. You try it again but it doesn't really matter now and the guards will have no more fooling about. As per the old man's sentence you are to clean the floor.


You look at the mess and with a deep sigh start on your work, all the while complaining about the unjust accusations to the guards who actually find it amusing.


After a few hours of toil and hardship you are finally allowed to go back to the academagia.


+2 Stress

+1 Painting

Inform: Temple of Iudocia


Exit4:Finesse/Enspell (should be quite difficult, we are doing freaky magic here!): You see a situation, magic can fix it all!


Your brilliant idea cannot fail... unless you manage to lose a pheme somewhere, which will be bad... really bad. But you try not to think on that. Instead you get to work.


You leave the glamour on the paint, because it can't hurt – some teacher once said that it is best to let sleeping cats lie – which coincidently also applies to magic.


Now, a bit of incantation, a bit of revision, a bit more of a glamour and a hint of enchant all mixed nicely and in unequal amounts...


To your pleasant surprise (indeed, the chance of this actually working was pretty slim given even the best conditions), the paint seems to scrape itself off the floor and works it way in every direction, all of it finding some spot on the wall and start flatten itself.


At first the guards was a bit worried (freaky magic and all that) but when they start seeing the results they smile and give you an applause (which is kind of distracting, but the hard work is over...).


Only moments later there is no paint left on the ground, and the walls have been repainted. Everyone seems impressed and the groundskeeper is overly pleased, and pardons your alleged crime.


+1 Courage

+1 Concentration

+1 Diction

+2 Phemes

Inform: Temple of Iudocia



Your brilliant idea cannot fail... unless you manage to lose a pheme somewhere, which will be bad... really bad. But you try not to think on that too much.


Leaving the glamour you start firing up some spells. The paint starts scraping itself off the floor and gathers in a giant ball in the center of the room... Which is slightly odd because that wasn't quite what you were going for. Even the guards seem a bit suspicious but they are letting you have free reigns for now.


Frowning a bit you try to get the ball to split up so the magical paint will return to the walls, creating a nice smooth surface. But your spell seems to just be absorbed by the now massive ball of paint, and you feel yourself take a step back.


Wracking your mind for proper spells and phemes you case another spell, just to make it seem you are working, the guards are after all on your case. The spell is absorbed as well, which isn't a surprise – what is a surprise is that your paintball (as you have lovingly dubbed it) started to hover in the center of the room. At this point in time the guards have wisely retreated back behind the pillars near the front entrance.


You stare at the paintball for a long moment, and with dread realize what comes next, but you can't just let it float there. You shut your eyes closed and release the last spell. The spell to end it all.


Nothing happens for half a minute, and you are about to open you eyes when you here a 'pop' like a soapbubble, and then the wall of paint throws you to the floor.


You slowly open your eyes, not so much out of pain but out of dread. You almost know the sight that will greet you, and indeed you were right. The whole of the great hall has been smeared in paint, floor. Walls, furniture, the ceiling... all in a multitude of color and sparkle.


You are allowed home the next morning, the work isn't even finished but the groundskeeper was tired of looking at you and everyone was falling asleep by that time. No study and no sleep. It'll be a fun day.


+1 Painting

+4 Stress

Inform: Temple of Iudocia


Edited for spelling.

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Quite right, it was supposed to be lose. I didn't pick that one up when I went over it :)


As for a krimi... well I thought that it was a term that we (in Denmark) had borrowed from the english, but a google quickly proves me wrong...

It was supposed to be a crime-book, like the many very popular series and books that are in circulation at the moment (ie. Inspector Morse, Barnaby...) I'll change that as well, I suppose it is just called 'crime books' then?

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