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I was browsing in the modtool and found some strange stuff with the study masteries effects, so here it goes:


- Study Mastery: Arithmetic: Add Bonus Athletics, should be Add Bonus: Arithmetic.

- Study Mastery: Botany: Expand Stress Maximum, should be Expand Vitality

- Study Mastery: Enchant: Increase Metallurgy should be Expand Metallurgy

- Study Mastery: Geometty: Increase Transport should be Expand Transport

- Study Mastery: Glamour: Increase Insight should be Expand Insight

- Study Mastery: Grammar: Increase Confidence should be Expand Confidence

- Study Mastery: Incantation: Increase Phemes should be Expand Phemes

- Study Mastery: Negation: Increase Luck should be Expand Luck

- Study Mastery: Revision: Increase Finesse should be Expand Finesse.

- Study Mastery: Rhetorical: Increase Debate should be Expand Debate

- Study Mastery: Zoology: Increase Fitness should be Expand Fitness.


Although the Descriptions says it is an increase, but that would really make no sense with an passive Ability.


And then there are two Painting Skill Perks:


SP V points to Merchant: Painting SP V, but this merchant doesn't have anything to sell.

SP X points to Merchant: Painting SP X, same as above.


Again hope it is usefull and keep up the good work!

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I just want to say, Ragbe... Even if this stuff you're pointing out is partially style you're being completely inspirational to me. :)

I've been noting stuff like this, so maybe I should make threads like this!

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You should make threads and help Academagica become even better.


Condering the tons of stuff there is in this game, and the makers having limited resources, it is a miracle in itself it works without a lot of problems (in my experience anyway).


So if you find something, make a thread and Legate will let you know if it's usefull.

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I found a few more merchant that don't have anything to sell:


- Cheryl Aemegus

- Culiman

- Daniel 'Big Danny' Carter's Storefront

- Joy of Music – Catalog C

- Manning ‘Bushwacker’ Polingrath – Catalog II

- Prime Vendors – Catalog I

- Rimbal Positions SP IV


Keep up the good work!

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Hmm...all of these have Items except Carter's Storefront (which is not accessible in game, or at least should not be!) and Catalog II of Polingrath. I suspect some of them were added in DLC 3, which you won't be able to view in the ModBase.


As far as I can tell, Rimbal Positions has no Catalog at Skill Perk IV?



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I think you should still work on improving your modbase distribution method. Keeping the modbases up to date lets players do some amount of bugtracking on our own. We can't really squash them ourselves (compiling mods takes way too long and, at least the one time I tried it, failed due to an Out of Memory error) but we can at least search for them.

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While adding stuff to the wiki I noticed Study Perks Zoology IV, V and VIII according to the Mod tool all point to the same thing: Animal Supplies.


I realize this might have gotten corrected in the last DLC, but I thought I would let you know anyway, just in case.



I tested it with newest patch and nothing happens at the mentioned study levels.

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And the last two I think:


Revision Skill perk VI points to /Random, Common (Default)

Revision Skill perk VII points to /Random, Uncommon


It unfortunatly it doesn't give us the random Spells like it is supposed to.


Anyway keep up the good work and as always thanks for quick replies :)

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