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Questions on DLC 1, 2.....


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The word cumulative is still confusing to other players, the first time I read it also sounded like it's an add on to previous patch instead of all in one.


Maybe replace it with "include all DLC, Content Patches and Code Patches previous."

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I was one of the ones confused, and I am a native English speaker. ;)


I never doubted that the cumulative patch contained all previous patches and fixes (as cumulative patches are wont to do). I was only confused about the Mods. The reason I was confused is because each DLC had a separate name, yet I only saw one listed at the game start.


Of course, since it has been pointed out by you and others across several threads, I am now well aware that all previous DLCs are contained. Perhaps you might add a bit that all previous DLCs is contained with the patches which have the latest DLC in them?


Example, instead of "This Patch is cumulative with all previous Patches," maybe say "This Patch is cumulative with all previous Patches and DLC."


I hope I don't sound like I'm complaining, I think it's awesome you all are working so hard on this game with all the patches and DLC...just trying to help you avoid talking about the same thing over and over. :)


However, given what I know about the internet, even adding the part about DLC won't eliminate the need to reiterate their inclusion, it should help lessen the need a bit.

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