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Altering NPC Behaviour


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Is it possible to alter the behaviour of the NPCs by such things as teaching them skills? What if you had a character who learned the skill of Ethics in the game, and then decided that he/she would teach Joana everything about ethics.


Would Joana Lio y Rossollo with 10 Ethics behave differently from Joana Lio y Rossollo with 0 Ethics?


More broadly, are there any ways to change NPC behaviour? Duels apply Geasa to them. Teaching them skills can open up new actions for them. But are there any personality shifts?

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Nyaa is more or less correct. Originally, certain Skills had Preference modification Effects that would slightly change AI Behavior, but the actual mechanics of the change caused some problems and unintended behavior. It also placed an unpleasant contradiction between NPC actions in Random Events and Adventures versus how you had influenced them. I can't say for certain what year this influence will return, but as I guess I would say Year 3 is most likely for it.

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