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A few in game questions


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[Revision]Edits the previous post[/Revision]

[incantation]Suddenly a storm cloud shoots lightning at Leoshi![/incantation]

[Negation]And Leoshi's voice became mute![/Negation]

[Astrology]While a container of "Dragon's breath" breaks at Leoshi's feet![/Astrology]

[Glamour]And Leoshi's clothes seem to have become invisible![/glamour]


[???]Legate! It's all Leoshi's fault![/???]


I don't know what you're talking about!

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New player with a question here.


I seem to be stuck halfway on a few adventures (the ones I want to finish most) where even though I've maxed out the skills and subskills, I don't seem to pass the checks/rolls. My options remain either red/purple and end up failing me fairly all the time. I've tried working around and getting through on skills OUTSIDE of my characters speciality but as a player I feel like it's a sad waste of resources and time doing so (in game time that is) which is a little frustrating. I mean why show me the option that suits me and then not let me use it? Surely I'm playing incorrectly somehow.


What exactly am I doing wrong here? :huh:

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Adventures are supposed to be that hard. There are two ways that I know of to get past those skill checks:

1. You train your Familiar in these Skills and raise your own Attributes. If you Bond is at 10, your Familiar will then grant you a five Bonus to these Skills, and higher Attributes mean a better roll range.

2. Spells. I would recommend taking this option, as it is much easier and time efficent. Either cast "the adventuring Spell" (also known as Cleanse and Remake), raising all your Attributes for better rolls, or you cast an easy Spell that you fill up with Phemes for the required Skill.

Hope this helps!

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Ah, spells of course!


I cast revision of skills on one of the lower check/roll options and it worked. How dumb that I didn't think of it.

I need to find me that adventuring spell (sounds handy) and maybe work on my familiar. Poor guys been seriously neglected.


Thanks for the help!

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I think it was the Piety subskill for the Cleanse and Remake spell. Also welcome to our little community. Here, take this spoon. You'll need it to eat a certain evil pudding lurking around the forums.


How large would the docks of Mineta be? How many ships may dock at once?


Freespace! Your spells do not affect me you silly human for I am a Fire Wolf! Woof!

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I sent you a silver spoon with gold etchings in it with a mysterious language carved into the handle that translates into a blessing. Unfortunately the people in the post office decided to confiscate it for fear it was curse-laden.tongue.gif

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I seem to have located them, hidden under leoshi's things! However, according to the inventory sheet that was conveniently stowed away with them, I can say confidently that one is missing!


After careful analysis of the writing on them, I believe the wording is something like. "Whoever eats with this shall be second best at anything they do."


So in other words, you'll never be the best at anything ever again. (though also not the worst unless there's only 1 other to compare! Perhaps that was the original intended effect?)

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And my recording mirror placed conveniently under my things had recorded YOU freespace2dotcom! You who place those spoons under my things!


You totally handsome (Blergh) mage who weeds out the competition to be the only Omni mage around! tongue.gif


So Legate!


Can you confirm what new familiars we may get in Year 2? I'm in the mood for penguins.


Also the detention boy has escaped detention.

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My dear Leoshi. How little you know.


Your recording can't be used as evidence on me because, you see, that recording was in fact a fake and I can prove it! Thank you for incriminating yourself, though! :)


The recording shows me putting the box of spoons in the middle of the day, whereas all day that day I found them I was in classes, and thus can't be the person in that recording. (you can see the calendar also, which verifies that it's the same day) Furthermore, if you look at the bottom right corner, you can clearly see yourself half hidden giggling over what a great prank you're pulling!


Legate! Leoshi needs Detention!

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My Floating Eye Spy machine had recorded that freespace (the Omni mage) had cloned hmself to pull the prank and go to class!


And his real self went into your office Legate!


More seriously, so any confirmation on what new familiars we will get? No penguins?


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As you gave a direct 'no' to the penguins, I'm thus then assuming foxes will be in the game until told otherwise! :D


...But I don't think I could have any of my year one characters give up their familiars without feeling broken-hearted. I guess I'll just have to make a new for year two character...

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