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A few in game questions


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I fell over a couple of questions, some of which... well anyway.


In the larger cities (Like Mineta) which other creatures are the most common? Minotaurs, centaurs, faries, satyrs...


Are these creatures kept in seperate parts of the cities? (Ghettos - though I dislike the term)


- if yes are these areas then seperated from the other creatures? (example: Minotaurs got their own little spot at the outskirts, but seperated from the satyrs)



If visiting Mineta for the first time, which sites are a MUST when sightseeing? :)

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Does the "Charming Plan of Cyrus Dawes" have a Charm requirement? I played with a normal character with a low Charm and got it but when I played one with cheats to explore most of the adventures (and had a very high Charm), it didn't show up.


Do you plan to add more Gates and Mastery paths to the adventures? I played a rather dangerously inclined character and I only saw about 2 or 3 choices for them which was sad for me since I spent most of the game getting them to very high levels. And you couldn't use them against other Gate users that showed up in them. I suspect that the House on the Bog adventure is only for the Secret Heritage perk but could you find it without that?


Is the Shade like a ghost and why is it considered evil?


Since it's my first post, I must say that I love this game. I've spent countless hours mixing with it and for as an avid role-player, I've yet to find a modern game to show so many choices. And the world is simply amazing, very full of detail and lore and it feels very much alive. It's almost like a book.

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In larger cities, magical races remain fairly rare, but are indeed segregated into specific areas of town. Of the ones you mentioned, Satyrs would be the most common. Centaurs generally need too much space for cities, Fairies are very, very, very unwelcome and Minotaurs are even rarer than Satyrs. These do not usually segregate amongst one another, apart from Minotaurs who notoriously standoffish. That said, when Fairies visit, and the wrong sorts of Courts are there, you can have many problems. :)


As for sights, Mineta is the ancient capital of the New Gods. Every corner has a sight to see, but the best will depend on your character. I'd want to see the Admiratio, personally. :)




Glad you enjoyed it! It was our intention that you should be as unlimited as possible in your role-playing. :)


A Shade and a Ghost are both common terms to place on any kind of ethereal entity. Typical usage invests Shade with darker shades of meaning and intent, but has no other specific connotation.

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I would have imagined that minotaurs might have made a career in big cities as smiths, not that I blame them for keeping a distance to big cities.

Thanks for the reply anywho :)


Regarding the sighseeing, I was just wondering, if one of the childhood friends came by on holiday, what would be something everyone could partake in... ah well, got to consider it a bit I suppose.



I was also wondering, the constellation: Regina, is that a good omen when it is clear in the sky?


I know it is a bit slackerish of me, but is there a mouse constellation?


Thanks in advance!

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While talking about constellations, what exact influence do the four winds have on astrology? When you do an astrology reading, you can get the four winds influencing your path, which I find interesting. (Or is more information on that hidden in lore somewhere?)


(Are there more constilations in the sky that just don't have as much influence on the world that could be refered to? Like, those are the big ones, but someone might say 'Oh, Well, WANDERERS DOOM DOOM- oh, but wait, the Woman Who Waits is clear in the north sky and the Sailor's Oar is in the south with Adrian's Mouse!! Only one DOOM then!', only less nonsense? Or 'I heard a story that those stars are called the blah, and they do blah... what, it's not in the books? Well, my mom heard it from her mom who heard it...')


How are Monteon Mercenaries usually treated? I'm imagining mostly dismissively (with a call back to the treatment of the Roma in Europe's past): they're not wanted, they're going to bring trouble and war, they should be fighting for a real standing lord and 'real' country rather than money and old memories, they're going to seduce woman and fill children's mind with frightening tales, blah blah horrible- only wanted when a war is going on, and as soon as the war is over, they're wanted gone ASAP. But then it occurred to me that the fighting for their lost country could gain them some respect and maybe the people are more accustomed to mercenaries, so I got confused. And figured I should ask.


Why do the Mercs disdain dueling so much? Does it go for all forms of dueling (fencing, cooking duel (hey, why not)) as well as magical dueling?


Can you add more languages? >.> I like languages. Okay, that's a suggestion.


Are there any places besides the dark dim below that could be called sea/ocean? Or even open bodies of salt-water?


When it comes to healing sickness (rather then injury), would revision, negation, or mastery be the 'best' choice/most likely to kill the illness?


Are illnesses still life-threatening with so much magic? Is their typhoid, syphilis, tuberculosis, plagues and who knows what else that can cause extreme and horrible threat and tragedy? How well can those such diseases be treated with magic, if caught early? What if not caught early?


If someone is found to be under a Mastery effect that can't easily be negated, what happens? I know there's that one librarian, who seems to be working at the school okay (...until she tries to kill the PC, anyway). Are people mostly allowed to go on with their lives just under strict watch, or would they be killed if it couldn't be confirmed what exactly the Mastery effect was doing to them/how they were being influenced?


What sort of bed-time stories are told? What are children warned to be afraid of/avoid by their parents?

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Is Regina a good omen when seen in the sky clearly? *Maybe*. :)




There is more information in the Lore, I believe, but *exact* influence? Even the greatest Astrologers would like to know the answer to that question. :)


There are several more constellations, some will be making an appearance in Year 2. That's all I can say about that. :)


You are mostly correct about the treatment of the Monteon mercenaries- that's generally true for most any mercenary, actually.


You would have to ask them why they disdain it so much. They are very...superstitious about it, for some reason...;)


So do we! The answer is yes already for Year 2. I'm not sure if more will creep into the DLCs, though.


No, not really, although there is a rumor of a great island-ocean in the southern archipelagos.


Revision is generally considered the best choice for dealing with sickness, followed by Negation (but, don't tell that to Negation masters!). Mastery isn't used at all, except to dull pain, or to help with illnesses of the mind.


Yes, unfortunately disease is still a problem for Elumia, because of the high cost and difficulty of curing by magic. In general, these kinds of diseases do not exist amongst the wealthy and noble...but do, among the poor. There are a few plagues against which magic is no certain proof: these come from the unfortunate use of Gates magic, and are stamped out as quickly as may be.


Unfortunately, it depends on the person. The more influential or important they are, the greater the chance they will be observed, sent to their families, or a monastery. Less important people are dealt with in prisons, asylums or by death.


Above all, parents warn their children of flowing water, strong winds and Dragons, not always in that order. Bed time stories range from parent to parent, as is true in our own world. :)

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It would certainly fit the bill, though I always thought of mice as sweet creatures. Regardless I'd be happy if they got tied into something vaguely astrological.


Also, it just struck me. How much wizard do you have to have a familiar? and can everyone learn magic? (maybe that should have been in reversed order...)

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It would certainly fit the bill, though I always thought of mice as sweet creatures.


Peh, you seem to have never lived in the country, they are far the biggest annoyance of rural living, even insects are not as terrible.


Legate- something accured to me. If you are from Staade, how did you talk with other people there if you do nto start with any knowledge of Vilocian?

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I'm working on the next installment of my RP and had a weird specific question:

Does the head of the Kitchen staff have a name, and can we learn what it is? It's weird that the author of this passage (in the RP) wouldn't know it, even if my character doesn't. Plus there will be an event in Pramidi where it could be really useful as I plan on writing about this character again. If they haven't got a name, I can just make something up.

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