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A few in game questions


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This is likely a question that I could find in the lore, but if it is no problem, what was the name of the last emperor and did they have a family name as well? (They are usually not presented with it, but they usually have it, and did they belong to a particular house?)


And did the duke or duchess of Caitta have any relations with them? (/if not, which house did they belong to?)


*puppy eyes*


I should work on,... is that... flattery? *mutters*

(Either way, can't work on that AND history now can I...)

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I suspect brew become a core class of Vernin beside Artifice in year 2.

How fare off are I'm with this assumption?

Also what happen if someone already got a year 2 core class of his college at 100 or even higher trough year 1?

Do he still have to take this class or will he free to pick a different class instead?

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Heh. I wonder how much memory Y2 can suck up now.... or maybe I shouldn't.... :(



1. Is the study and/or any willful applications on leylines related to Gates and therefore not a topic that should be discussed openly?


2. although I am not very knowledgeable in this area save for my watching Outlaw Star, would there be any talk or theories in setting on any Akhashic record?


3. Speaking of Outlaw star.... Casters. Would it be possible to create a facsimile?

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