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A few in game questions


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The Geas is cast at the Duel itself (it forms a part of the Dueling Circle, actually.)


Geasa are specialized ritual magic and are closest to a Glamour, but also are strongly Astrological. They function by connecting one's destiny (or fate) to an ideal, and work through a variety of ways (and depend heavily on the people involved.) For some, it can be painful, for others it can cause mental distress. For yet others, they can be completely unaware of its operation, or it can even be comforting!


As to Phemes, I'm not sure the specific ones. They are assumed to be learned in Dueling Circles, as I recall, but I don't know if they appear in game as well.

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Ooo, interesting. So it's not the scary mind-twisting thing I thought it was.


...But that leaves a question... wouldn't it be easier, and even safer, for at the start of the year, for the faculty to place students under a consensual geas that proclaims in return for the teaching and instruction of the Academagia, students will in return not seek out or study knowledge of gates or mastery? I know why it wouldn't be done for game-play reasons, but is there a reason why in-world-wise? It seems like it would be a safe precaution to demand.

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Why would you put a Gea to something where "official" there is no Teacher aviable and the Books about this hiden in restricted sections?

And its one thing if one put the Gea on them self but forcing it on other is something entyrly different!


You know that the Legate whant to make a new class to teach the legitimate use of the Forbiden Magic acording to one of the newer Adventures?


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Ohh I see so it wasn't serious even if it sounded to me like this ^^'.

But with the "Job offer" Adventure and this one I realy think there should be some explaination at some point when the uses of Gate Magic is allowed.

Because I dont think it would viewed good if students of the Academagia go to theyr Parents and tell them that a Professor have used Gate Magic on them.

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Is there a 'traditional' order that's used when making the perimiters for a duel?


I mean like- A says to B, I want to duel! Then it seems B says I want the duel to be (something), and A says fine, but I want (something), and it goes on until everything is defined.


But excluding exceptional circumstances, is there a specific order to these somethings? Is B supposed to state that they want Sevart Honor or Duke's Duel traditionally, then A is supposed to say that they want the location, then B is supposed to choose the hour, then A chooses the part that the duel type doesn't specifically define? I've been trying to figure it out from reading each characters duel adventure- there does seem to be a pattern followed more often then not (in particular, after the PC makes their challenge, the NPC almost always proclaims the Duel type if the conversation is written as opposed to being a summarizing paragraph), but... I figured I would ask.


...Dueling's interesting. It would be nice if the PC could challenge their friends to First Blood duels-for-fun/practice, that might expand both you and your friend's Duel subskills (in exchange for some vit loss).

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Yeah, I think we are going to allow some 'practice' Dueling in Year 2, so you'll be able to play around with your friends. Traditional order varies, but usually the person being challenged is able to define more of the Duel, and sometimes has greater rights.


Can this game end up like the "Let's see who can punch the softest? You go first." games that everyone played in middle school?


No, really...it's a "pretend" duel. Trust me.

*Wrath of the Comet's Tail*

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Because Familiar now can get Passive Abilitys I wonder how this affects the player char.

lets say I trained my Familiar to Negation Phemes,Spells and Theory of Negation 4.

The resoult in Familiar skill is thanks to the Passive Ability

Negation Methodes 0+1=1

Negation Phemes 4+1=5

Negation Spells 4+1=5

Theory of Negation 4+1=5

Negation 5+1 =6

would the player now get +3 to his Negation rolls from the Familiar or just +2?


Next example if I train my Familiar one point more in Theory of Negation and use Revision of Skills with my Char to replace wrestling with Theory of Negation hwo would this end?

Familiar Wrestling 0

Familiar Theory of Negation 5+1=6

would the wrestling roll for the player his Theory of Negation +2, his Theory of Negation +3 or his Theory of Negation +0?

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Its about how the Char Skills are affected from the Familiar Skills if the player use Revision of Skills.

Curent Theory of Negation is the highest SS of my Char and if I can get 3 more points from the familar when using this for Revision of Skills it would be great. :)

(If I have to train the Familiar just to 5 its even bether ;) )

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