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A few in game questions


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Schwarzbart & CP;


I mean, if you had to choose, I'd choose Y2. :)


1) How is the chance that year 2 make it into your store this year after your still not even finished with the Greenlight video for year 1?


The Team has forbidden me to comment. :)

2) Will the backlash for change the college also be modable or is it hardcoded?



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Oh before I forget, what is the closest branch of magic in theory that can destroy the building blocks of life? I know that the people of Elumia don't really know about dna but surely someone decided to try this.

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@Freespace the Anatomie description say "While many cultures still prohibit the dissection of human remains, those that have allowed it have learned much about how the human body works" so its more a question where it is allowed and where not. Also we wouldn't have the Family: Graverobbers background if there would be a big supply.

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Depends on where you're located, I think:


"In order to perform dissection, students must obtain certification or face execution as a grave robber. First head to the city council, you must obtain sponsorship from a council member. They will certify you via the academy. Then you may perform dissection according to the schedule your councilor gives you. He will rent the venue and charge fees. Your fees will be paid according to the contract you signed when certified. You must provide bodies yourself. Beggers can be found readily in the burial pits outside the city. Do not attempt to dissect anyone of great or even minor import. This will most certainly result in arrest."

-Certification and Dissection lore (typos included)


Theodore the Grave Robber

You can make a pretty penny as a grave robber. Doctor’s need bodies to study and you’ll only get them from graves. But if you get caught…. Theodore was mighty good at his profession. He got at least one body a night. He got greedy though. Emptied a whole graveyard. The authorities caught wind and he was thrown in jail. You can’t be greedy on this job. It will get you caught.

-Theodore the Grave Robber lore (typo included...I think)

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