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A few in game questions


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Ah, right, murder spell. Got confused and thought you utterly mistyped Abra Kadabra there.


I had to get up early to visit the dentist, I've got an excuse <_<.


Anyway, if you got the skills and are in the right range band swinging swords around is actually one of the more effective Duel tactics, at least short of nuking your opponent the day beforehand, since a longsword deals 3 damage a hit as opposed to Punch's 1. Ideally, however, you want a Goblin Blade, since it's not tagged as Hostile and therefore you can't get cursed into being unable to swing it effectively. Which is most likely just a bug, but I actually think it's a clever idea - goblin blades not being affected by Prevent Hostility for...reasons :).

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Oh, and Legate, I'm just curious, but... Where can we get high quality copies of the location art in the game? (That you reused for the greenlight video.) The images used in the video look to me as if they weren't just blown up copies of the ones used in the game so, i do suspect that higher quality copies exist somewhere... ;) I woudn't mind using a couple as desktop wallpapers.

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1) So there was no backup of this work? Don't you need to redo the map anyway for the next years (especial because some people already switched to 4k monitors for gaming and year 3 wont be out before 2020 the time of Cyberpunk ;) )?


2) Would it possible for a familiar that can speak and have a wand to teach a human in magic that it self know about good enough?


3) Will Sphere of Resistance have a different effect in year 2? The description of a shield of air not really add up with the effect of a 10% success chance for Negation spells. Especial why just for Negation magic?

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1. Since it is wholly possible for a child to self teach magic up to at least skill level 10, how would you classify such a child prodigy after he starts getting halfway decent with magic despite no formal education? How are such things tolerated? Especially in cities like Mineta?


2. Can you explain the types of scripts taught in Calligraphy class? Exactly what are they composed of? Is there any shorthand taught? Or is it just variants on cursive for legibility, etc, etc.


3. You've mentioned that in the past, pre-ban era, a student capable of getting a skill level of at least 10 in their first year would see their schooling experience transform by quite a bit. Are there any students who are known to have met this criteria in the past? (whether or not they graduated with mastery over any pilars is a whole other question I won't ask.. Unless you'll tell anyway. :) )


4. If a Player Character is a Wealthy Noble Decended from Royalty, whose family is actually in or around Mineta, what are the odds that they would have met Catherine and Flore at some event prior to actually going to the Academagia?


5. Would the Pauper's Bane work on somebody who was poor only up until recently when they won the lottery or something?


6. How fast can a skilled duelist draw their wand and cast a useful spell? (without preloaded wands.)


7. If I was to take up Incantation classes at Contu's in Y2, would I gain the scorn of certain Godina Professors? (even as an Aranaz student?)


8, Is it possible for the magical auras that surround wizards to also appear in areas where lots of spellcasting has occurred over centuries?


9. How effective are non-Mastery love potions?


10. Since Gates creatures were not necessarily put down after the Bans, are there any such creatures still kept in the Menagerie?


11. Could a person recreate a Magical animal (Let's say, a unicorn just throwing it out of a hat) using Gates? At least theoretically?


12. Since it is heavily implied the Legate Orsi keeps a sharp eye on the tower of the Cold Forge, can you say why the Player Character is never warned not to go there? (since several students had been apparently)


13. You never did tell us what the Last Dragon to rule in what is now Elumia was?


14. Do the street performing "magicians" carry real magic wands? Or will any kind of stick do (Obviously it would, but would real magic wands be more desired among them anyway.?)


15. Although it was a Vernin adventure, I liked the adventure where you have to rebuild the statue that other students broke down. Will students from other colleges have a chance to participate in programs designed to ease relations between the city and the Academy? (even if not at the same level)


16. If a student had managed to accumulate a veritably massive amount of Favor from their professors and multiple regents over several years, and then got in Serious trouble TM , Could all those favors be called in at (or before) the praetexta court to influence the decision? Or, perhaps, even get the issue swept under the rug before the court could even assemble if....


17. Can you tell us a famous spell that is extremely complicated for a fairly simple effect? (and is still useful enough to be used from time to time)


18. So, do any spells have a tendency to wear out at specific times of the day? (as opposed to a certain amount of time after it was been cast) Kind of like the story of Cinderella and the spell wearing off at Midnight?


19. Can you Ask the Team to release the Y2 class list with DLC 17? Pretty please? Since that will be the last chance for us to make new saves in time.... (We haven't asked in a long time now, so...)


20. Given the Academy's tendency to just build new things as they are needed, and just board up, or seal off off buildings and rooms as they become...Hazardous, Is it likely that the majority of the chaotic design of the Venalicium is due to this?


21. Since the Study cubicles in the library are considered safe to cast spells in, (compared to the rest of the Library) just how heavily warded are they?


22. Spoilers about rocks! Read at your own risk!

Um... So, if a certain rock Familiar were to inadvertently save a Dragon's retainer from being eaten, and said retainer were to send the rock Familiar back to his Wizard with a Certificate of Draconic Favor via Gates magic in the Grand hall while everyone was having lunch, would that Certificate technically constitute Treason against the Empire of Man? ...because if it *DOES*, then the way the stupid rock returns is so outlandish and over the top, that the professors would assume that it was some elaborate forgery, right? (Even if it actually isn't a forgery!)



23. Are enough of the buildings in Mineta built close enough together that you could in theory get almost anywhere without using the roads? And if so, does the Militia patrol the rooftops at all?


24. Since is it possible to enter a painting with magic, I want to ask, would the painting would be empty beyond the range of what was painted, or would there be a whole massive world that goes well beyond that scope? I suppose it depends on the spell?


25. Since there is no such thing as a legal drinking age in setting, I was curious if any of the older students didn't make their own alcohol? And what rules are in place to prevent that on the school grounds?

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4. Random Event Student - Catherine 1 unlocks the option to have been at a gala where Catherine claims to have met you when you have at least any one of Descendant of Royalty, Nobility, Wealthy or Well-To-Do. So with three out of a necessary one (and possible three, since Wealthy and Well-To-Do are mutually exclusive) I'd say 100%. No idea on Flore, though, Legate'll have to clarify that.


12. Point of order, but while Lambert claims it's because the Legate "had more faith in you", the adventure doesn't have any prerequisites such as "have Favor with Orsi". So...


20. The Thing About the Venalicium adventure has this to say about how one particular section was remodelled:

“None of the architects stayed around for more than a few months,” Claemon said as he pushed his ever present wheeled cart down the tiled hallway. “Every one of ‘em had a good reason for quittin’, but none of ‘em ever left a set o’ plans the next guy could use! Took an order from the Legate herself to get the last one to leave ‘is set, and even then they was barely good ‘nuf to do the deed. Job took ten times as long as it should ‘ave and didn’t look as good as everyone swore it would!”


23. The cat Familiar's Bond adventure sees the cat doing exactly that, so in theory, yes. Legate'll have to answer whether it's also patrolled, though.

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Past questions from me that still wait for a answer: (Sorry if I missed the answer when looking back right now)


26) How do the player get to the Forest of Broken Pines after the adventure is over? (I just wonder why the Legate had to use gate magic in the adventure when we easy can visit it as 1 timeslot action later and i.e. in the stormy dreams they had Griffon ready in minutes.)


27) Could you forward the guideline for year 2 NPC students with new games or send me some example year 2 Avila how they would look with a new game?


28) How many people graduate from Esteban Contu's school each year?


29) Ode to Pluiete Adventure 03 Where do the desks come from for the success and failure exits when in the text before you where in a hallway with dropping floor blocks?


30) Will we allowed to start as non human race in one of the years to come?


31) How close is it planed to allow player to come to the Vernin build master of old in the 5 years?

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for 26, I imagine that the forest of Broken Pines is within walking distance from the Campus grounds but it takes several hours to get there. In the Adventure, both speed and secrecy were deemed important enough to use Gates through the magic cloak. But it's safe to say the player character took the slow way back, and you surely would have learned of the path you need to take to return there at your leasure later.

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