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A few in game questions


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Yeah I think that in the Academagia setting, witches and wizards are different than portrayed in Harry Potter. We are wizards both male and female due to the reliance on casting spells. While I haven't encountered a witch in Academagia so far, I assume is on the definition corresponding to the real world where Witches focus more on potions and as Metis say hexes.

Anyway, How are the Republics governed? Councils of wealthy people or more like the Roman system with a Tribune counter.

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The Tribune was mostly held by wealthy people tough. The Patrician and Plebeian were not divided by wealth but by blood (think Nobility vs Burgher).


In Rome basically only wealthy people could be elected in office. They afterall could pay citizens to vote for them among other things... ..

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Hey, I love politics as much as the next person, and it's not like I don't have my own opinions, but could we maybe keep a political argument out of our nice, chill thread for asking nerdy questions about an imaginary wizard school?


Yes! I am really sorry to have brought this up (which ended up as an argument) - I just see so many people being very emotional about it, so I just wanted to murmur some vague consoling words or something. Let's leave it at this - stay well, guys.

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