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A few in game questions


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Wow nearly 10 day without a single post in this thread what happened? Then lets start again ^^


1) Are you allowed to share some more of the year 2 class and maybe even the requirment for them by now?


As it got to silent I buried up some old questions that are not answerd as far I know ^^


2) Who was the mad Legate that fought the battle at the Academagia: Gym of the Mind some decades back?


3) How long is it back that the last Professor, Regent or Legate got killed while working for the Academagia?


4) How common is it that one of the Academagia faculty got killed?


5) Is there a known place that teach Arithmancy and will we give the option to learn it during our 5 years at Academagia even if not at the Academy it self?


6) What are the speed records for airships that A: Only rely on natural wind, B: Rely on steam (and maybe wind too, if they can get away with it), and C: Magically augmented speeds (probably the Red Ship).

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Well, lulls happen. As it so happens, I have a few questions to ask but sadly DLC 17 hasn't officially released yet so there isn't much that I can ask without spoiling a few things... :)


But honestly as I can barely read the text as it is now I'm managing to find some other stuff to do. :)

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1) Will there other result, maybe even unique to some locations, possible in later years from be discovered in the wrong places?


2) Are some item that have unusable recipes in year 1 get working ones in year 2? If so will it enough to have the recipe in y1 or do we still need to have the item during the export.

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