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A few in game questions


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1) They are uncommon, but not such that they would provoke stares- depending on how they are dressed.

2) There aren't enclaves, per se, but there are many southern traders which employee them, as well as amongst the artisans.

3) A walk around the middle level of the city would be sufficient, usually.

4) It's pretty common- but the Regents set the tuition, and in the case of parents that cannot pay arrangements are made- sometimes on the student's future.

5) I'll ask. :)

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1) could you hint us what player background might have such agreements that the player have to repay or work of the tuition?

2) What other arrangements on the student's future are made beside that (s)he have to pay the tuition (together with interest natural)

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1. Which regional background, and why?

2. Do first year students ever get drunk in the taverns? or are they denied alcohol by the taverns/so terrified of school punishment that they abstain?

3. Any updates from the team about how strict the wards are in keeping housemates of the opposite sex/gender from each others' bedrooms? and updates about the regent who sets the highest/lowest tuition rates?

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On 2:

On 20-9-2016 at 10:12 PM, Legate of Mineta said:
25) Some students do indeed make their own booze - but sobriety on campus and among students under 18 in general is one of the few principles that both Briardi and von Rupprecht strongly embrace. In centuries past, drunk young students have done more to spark unrest in Mineta than most political movements and more than a few open wars; nobody wants to see those times come again.
Seriously, just the phrase "drunk Kurt Henning" should be enough to underline their argument.


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Oh, they undoubtedly try. And based on the history of "drunk young students have done more to spark unrest in Mineta than most political movements and more than a few open wars" I imagine that the only way they actually get any is if they resort to blackmail and/or stealing.

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Ah, when it comes to mobility for the disabled, there was that one event encounter with a disabled Vernin student harnessed to her over-sized gorilla(?) familiar...

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1. I am aware of the disabled Vernin student and her gorilla. Was she required to ride the gorilla due to lacking a wheel chair, or did she choose it as a familiar bonding exercise?

2. Is the Groundskeeper well known for his contempt for astrology? does he like to share these views with passers by?

3. Is astrology very strong as a counter against mastery?

4. Have the Gardens of the Crystal Moon been investigated for gates magic?

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So Legate, anything on that earlier question 5?


Also, some lore questions:

1. When the most recent Bans on Gates and Mastery went into effect, was there any official effort to preserve existing knowledge on those magics or was any and all efforts completely 'under the table' as it were?

2. Do the records state when Ickanicix and Kazus were closed? By that I mean the date? Did they close up the school year or did it just happen as soon as the bans were put into effect.

3. Tied in with #2. Since Gates masters were have said to ransack the towns of origin of many of their kind, it goes without saying that there must have been some small amount of time between the passing of the bans and their enactment in force. Can you say how much time?

4. Let's say a professor and a student both cast a fireball spell at each other. The professor's fireball would be expected to be more powerful. Would this be due to knowledge and inclusion of extra phemes? and if there are cases where this is not so, why would the other's spell be more powerful if the same phemes were used? Does the caster's aura play a role too?

5. Has there ever been a case where a Gates user was feeding folks by summoning food, and was charged with 'stealing' food from another location? (unknowingly or otherwise)

6. Since you've said that an omni-disciplinarian wouldn't have any problems becoming a court mage. Is this because most nobles don't need access to extremely high-end magic regularly? Or is it just the idea that the omni can fill the roles of several mages at a lesser cost than would be expected otherwise?  What about being a general wizard in a small town where there aren't any other mages?

7. What does the day to day life of a small town wizard consist of? Since magic is a fairly expensive skill set, I can't imagine doing too many mundane tasks except out of kindness and charity or perhaps as part of a larger contract. Do small towns actively try to recruit wizards if they can for various deeds? like offer a base salary from the town coffers in exchange for various tasks being done on a daily basis?

8. Since monsters do exist in this setting, I was wondering how often they can become a nuisance to traveling? Or since Elumia is so heavily shattered requiring a lot of travel by air ship is that not a major concern even for intra-island movement?

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No response yet!

1) If there were, it's not officially known.

2) It happened before the ban, by a few weeks.

3) Years, in the more distant parts of the Empire.

4) It would only depend on the Spell, they cast, not really the caster.

5) Hahaha! I do not know, but it's possible. :)

6) Magic is highly desirable, and the breadth of knowledge would be even more desirable.

7) It can be a bit mundane, but it is sometimes a choice a mage makes- they certainly aren't doing it for the money. ;)

Towns, Guilds and sometimes religious organizations will contract the services of mages, often out of the children of members and citizens.

8) They are definitely a nuisance in less-trafficked parts of the world.


1) You'll have to ask her. ;)

2) No.

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What is the Imperial Temple's degree of authority/autonomy within Mineta? Say someone writes and publishes a book that criticizes them worshipping the New Gods for some relatively reasonable reason, is the Temple just going to have to live with it? Can they do the Minetan equivalent of leaving a one star review and command their flock to do likewise, and yo, it is done (if only out of people being too lazy to tell the old people to quit picking on kids ruining their lawns respect)? Can one of them just head to the nearest guard station and quickly fill out an arrest warrant? Or do they have an outright inquisition that can and does operate independently from the guard?

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@Legate of MinetaI really hope that this answer indicates that Y2 is closer to release. Once you saw nothing wrong with answering this type of question about students' backgrounds: Milena, Prudence, Vrenelle, etc.

1. Is there any tradition of vigilant justice encouraged by the Imperial Temple against heretics?

2. What is the penalty for heresy?

3. Would the Anthropologist who is discussed in the Anthropology research lores, who wanted humans to submit to the dragons, be considered a heretic?

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Questions about Familiars

1. What happens to a mage whose familiar is killed? Is the mage injured?

2. Are there students in Academagia who would try to harm rivals through capturing/harming their familiars? or is this a taboo that none would break?

3. Do familiars retain their heightened intelligence after their mages die?

4. Could mastery mages achieve greater effects with familiar bonds?

5. Have human mages ever made other humans their familiars?


Other Questions:

1. Are imps from another universe?

2. why are imps denied the right to study magic but satyrs not?

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1) It depends on the Bond level, but it can be devastating to the Mage emotionally. In very rare cases, there can be stigmata.

2) Definitely.

3) No, it peters out.

4) No, the Bond is not very well understood, but it's not related to Mastery.

5) [Redacted]

1) That is unknown.

2) A blend of custom, tradition, and arcane law. I'll ask if there are other details. :)

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