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A few in game questions


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Depending on the performance of the horse I suspect some would even look where the donation box is ^^

(there some ways to make it look like the horse is talking at last one non magical that I think its a not to unusual street trick to earn money just maybe with smaller animal that are easy to train like a pig or dog) 

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1. Does regent Badcrumble ever have to deal with complaint from the parents of male students of Avila? Surely there must be some wealthy and powerful family with a son in that school.

2. Is there any movement to get Gravity Ball made an official sport at Academagia?

3. is student temperament more important than student skill in determining which colleges students get into?

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1. Are records of the Praetexta court typically sealed? How easy is it to get access to records for famous cases which were disputed there?

2. Can you give an example of one of the old Ickanicix properties outside the Academagia that are still known about and very well barred from entry?

3. Since there are a lot of abandoned classroom, I'd like to ask if there are any that would be considered dangerous? If you were scouting them out for say, a club room, what kind of potential risks would you need to look out for?

4. Can you explain why Avila has traditionally been a Girl's College? Is there something about women and Astrology? Or was it founded that way for other reasons?

5. Does Von Rupprecht approve/tolerate of any types of shorthand, even if he would never teach any? please tell me he doesn't inspect our notes. :)

6. Has Orso ever publicly dueled a professor as the Legate?

7. Can you tell us what kind of magic that we should learn for exterminating the undead? At least the most common types of undead. I can understand that the exotic ones might just call for a lot of conventional magic firepower. :)

8. Do Ghosts count as undead in this setting? Or are spirits classified as their own thing due to Gates' influence?

9. What is the most disgusting food ever served at the Cafeteria at the Academagia? And has there ever been a student (or professor!) brave enough to eat it? (without the help of magic)

10. Does Malacresta get accidental Garlic poisoning often, or is he pretty good at knowing when the cafeteria is trying to kill him?

11. Since it is possible to eat either at the main hall, or with one's college, it has to be asked, if one was a sufficiently fast eater and runner, could you eat at both places?

12. Since we have a pretty good idea about the main campus cafeteria, could you tell us a bit about the college specific ones, and any peculiarities they might have?

13. If Aranaz hosted a pie-eating contest, A, would anyone have a chance at beating Von Rupprecht? And if no, B, how many pies would be required to bribe him to not participate?

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1) Sealed, but it is possible to access them if you are a Regent or part of the faculty. These people can also make them 'public'.

2) I'll ask. :)

3) Yes! Also, muahaha.

4) I'll have to refer you to the Lores here. ;)

5) You'll have to ask him...

6) Publicly? I don't believe so.

7) Negation, of course, but also Incantation if you want the fiery justice. :)

9) Hahaha! What they would find unappetizing vs. what we would find unappetizing is an interesting discussion. I'll ask if there is something that would disgust everyone!

10) Hmmm. He's decent at it, for the most part. ;)

11) Yes.

12) I'll see if they would like to provide descriptions.

13) A [Redacted], B you cannot bribe a man of such upstanding integrity. ;)

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1. At the risk of being indelicate, are there standard warnings to students not to use revision for certain types of body enhancements that might be popular with teens? to use a safe example, I could imagine Philippe using revision to make his torso more muscular only to overtax his heart or cause him to over-balance and fall or break bones as his body struggles with the sudden new (and perhaps unrealistic) muscle mass.

2. Would I be correct in thinking that the only regents who take their colleges' rivalries seriously are Briardi and von Rupprecht?

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Related to 1, say that a student frequently suffered digestive issues (given the average quality of the cafeteria food I imagine it's not unheard of...) and wanted to counteract that with a spell. Where would said student go to learn said spell? Do the nurses teach those spells, would one have to talk to a professor, can they be found in the Venalicium, are they literally part of a student's textbooks, what?

EDIT: Outninja'd :P.

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Not sure of the proper terms, but to what extend is a spellcaster expected to be able to control his/her spells against interference? Say that someone casts a hard to control spell in public, and someone tosses a rock at the spell, causing the entire thing to explode. Would that be the fault of the caster or whoever tossed the rock?

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Generally, if it was an accident, that would be the fault of the person throwing the rock. If not an accident, the blame would generally fall on the person throwing the rock. Not always the case, however, and there are many factors, including degree of harm, station and other environmental factors that would be considered.

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1. Was much of the material about non-brainwashing/human-puppeting mastery systematically destroyed after the ban as a way to make mastery seem less appealing?

2. Does Academagia have policies for how to deal with teachers who have to teach their relatives?

3. Are any Academagia faculty related to any students as of Y1?

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Well, the PC is young. How would he/she have the knowledge of a state-sponsored and organized purge 300 years ago? I doubt that even 1st year Aranaz students would learn of this, lest Mastery seem too tempting/unjustifiably banned to them. See, gates was banned, but because its effects neutral and positive (teleportation, exploration) are known, there is in Cyve a growing movement (admittedly mostly covert) to legalize it or reconsider the ban. Mastery, in contrast, is still largely reviled because it is seen as the magic of slavers. Yet as these fora have revealed, there were positive aspects of Mastery. I wonder whether records of these positive aspects were suppressed.

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