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A few in game questions


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The comment in question is something the lines of "if people told more stories about how Mastery lead to things like [the largely self-inflicted death of four inexperienced Mastery mages] than a lot fewer people would be tempted to learn it". I imagine that if efforts were made to make the school seem unappealing such shenanigans would be common knowledge (perhaps more accurately "a common folktale"? Something along those lines, at any rate).

You do make a good point, though. Personally I imagine it ultimately boils down to history as we know it being written by somewhat selfish humans. Ask a troll who got randomly yanked from his home and dropped off somewhere completely unfamiliar because a mage wants him to clean candlesticks if he despises Gates or Mastery more.

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1. What happens to a one-time use spell scroll after it's been used up? Does it become blank? Eaten up by the magic?

2. In the arguments over whether Aranaz should close back in the day, did Vernin say that they could teach Orthography classes for those still interested in it? (I don't think I need to know Aranaz's reaction to this if yes. :) )

3. What is the fastest airship used for transporting people and/or cargo that isn't a red ship?

4. What would happen if Briardi found out who the Aranaz student who took the Mallen-Star necklace was and that unfortunate student was in one of her classes? :) And that it was excellent Negation skills that allowed it to be taken? Would there be a little bit of pride there despite everything?

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Say that, for whatever reason, the political climate in Mineta collapses in on itself and everything just goes to hell in a hand basket. Could someone then do the unthinkable and summon a Dragon as a ploy to get the bickering sides to quit fighting and cooperate, lest the Dragon either enslave or kill them both?

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1. Is this ability to resist gates summonings the story-based reason why training at the the Schohanwicht School raises willpower? does that school's basic teaching include not only gates but how to resist being gated by another?

2. When gates was legal, were there any efforts by gates mages to create dragons? or was that illegal?

3. Are there any records or tales on Cyve about human/dragon offspring?

4. Is there any form of magic that would allow a mage to remotely view an area or item or person (whether through prop such as mirror or through the mind's eye or through a magically summoned surface)?

5. Related to the above question, could gates magic be used to open a gate small enough to be easily placed in an inconspicuous place and used to spy upon people? is the opening of gates so noticeable that even a small gate could not be easily hidden?

5. when gates was legal, how much was it used to explore the sky islands of Cyve? Was it used to reach Alesfa?

6. Speaking of Alesfa, was there any political controversy in Mineta about which college Malthezar should go to? I would imagine that sending him to Avila might have caused a diplomatic incident, and that Hedi (the college of diplomats) was very eager to get him. And the less said about von Rupprecht, the better!

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1) As Metis noted, there isn't a need specifically to teach resistance to summons, for those reasons.

2) If there were, it's been [redacted]...

3) None known.

4) Definitely yes.

5) Records have not survived, but it is known that Alesfa was in much closer contact in older times.

6) No public controversy. :)

Cyve, by the by, usually refers to the world below.

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1. are there wards known to protect against remote viewing? are they used in private parts (bathrooms, dormitories, etc.) of academagia?

2. What pillar of legal magic is used for remote viewing? glamour? astrology? glamour and astrology?

3. could gates magic be used to open a gate small enough to be easily placed in an inconspicuous place and used to spy upon people? is the opening of gates so noticeable that even a small gate could not be easily hidden?

4. Can mastery allow one a mage to perceive the world through another person's senses?

5. Could mastery allow for complete shifting or transferring/swapping of minds between bodies?

6. Is it common for mentally unbalanced people to claim to be receiving messages/instructions from dragons? If so, how seriously are these claims taken?

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1) Are known wards, but none of the known ones are used at the Academagia- their wards are significantly different.

2) Glamour, usually.

3) It's hard to say, materials describing these things have been Proscribed. You may be able to find something in-game which could point to an answer...

4) Not Mastery alone, but yes.

5) If it can, those materials have been Proscribed.

6) Not common, but seriously by Temple authorities at the minimum.

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Ah, my willpower wanes.


What did you mean by "The lips are sealed extra tightly at the moment. " :)


I can infer a lot but I can also infer lots of things that aren't so based on false information, and the last thing I want is to give my hopes up about this year. :(


And in the absence of an answer here, I think it may be worth asking about this:

Assuming a person was capable of incanting a realistic snake, and make it bidable for an extended period of time, would Mastery work on it?

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