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A few in game questions


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5 hours ago, Metis said:

What kind of weapon supply would even be useful for a Dragon invasion? Tthe kind a civilian could reasonably keep several crates worth in their basement "just in case", I mean?

In fairness, how practical are modern preppers either, really? What the heck good would their 10,000 cans of beans and 6 assault rifles do in an actual nuclear war situation. Prepping doesn't have any actual realistic purpose or use, it's just to make people feel better.

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1 hour ago, Metis said:

Would commoners have access to bulk amounts of that stuff? I mean it is pretty much the cutting edge of military tech, other than a mage army anyway, so I imagine it'd be too expensive if nothing else...

1 hour ago, freespace2dotcom said:

I can't imagine old black powder holding up too well in the conditions people would bulk store it in. I suppose magic can solve that, but we're talking commoners here.

Commoners does not mean poor just not noble or clergy for one. 

Second not a lot of civilian in these times could afford the leisure of preparing for a dragon invasion let alone afford the means of stocking a huge amount of unperishable food and/or weaponry so the point is moot anyway.

As for where to preserve it a mill or a barn seems like your best bet. Isolated and relatively protective of humidity. 

For availablity I thought it was not that rare in Staade and got more difficult the further you are from it. So depends where you are I guess.

In any case what dyrhet said. Preparing against Dragon's invasion is akin to preparing again Alien's invasion, chances are whatever you do is kinda useless unless you are some kind of magician prodigy. (ergo not 99.99 % of the Elumnian population)

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So, this is really important.

I am writing the next part of my story. In it, there are going to be some vampires. Not many, it's not the focus of the story. But our intrepid Valentino needs to meet at least one of them. I want him to meet the most stereotypical vampire that ever existed, (no glitter sparkles)

Therefore, I need to know, as the original role for Dracula was filled by Bela Lugosi, who was Romanian in real life, what would be the Elumian counterpart to Romania? Conveniently, these are summoned vampires, and since they 'live' for a long time, the odds are high that a couple of them would be around even if the region did not get uplifted with the rest of the islands during the exile.

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I'll ask!


"The answer is trickier than might originally have expected.

The oldest surviving vampire legends trace back to a people who lived in what's now Stazia; they seemed to have called themselves the Elamoii, though the people of Mineta called them the Aiti or Eiti (singular form Aitus or Eitus).  Or, less formally, "the corpse-eaters" - though that seems to be more propaganda than common practice.  Still, legend held that they had a certain princess (whose name was burned from history) who drank the blood of her brother (a local king whom she murdered) and lived to be two hundred.  She only had one son, who died young, and then rose again - corrupted by his mother's wickedness - to spread his curse.

Early historical vampires are associated most closely with the Cold Forest of Priestadt, on an island some distance east of the Duchy of Staade - and particularly near and among a line of three abandoned fortresses called Otho, Solis, and Wurm.
Most famous is Ademar of Karn-Solis, remembered more popularly as the Lord Wolfskin, though his grand-niece Isetha Amabilis left deeper scars in the local folklore of the Cold Forest."
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Strange, given that Vampier have a extrem long live and even can give birth to children I expected them their own race that have no history in a cursed human. Giving the "curse" to a other human sound more like something they have to do intentional instead of something that happen to all they feed on like the Dracula saga's of our world say.

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Erm, well, *technically* I was merely asking what the equivalent to Romania was so I could just simply say that the vampire in my story had a accent from there.

...But that answer works just fine too! :)

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1) Can be on the bad side of a Professor or Regent prevent you from taking a elective?

2) Are there adventures in year 1 that depending on the result make it difficult or even impossible to take a certain class?

3) Will your background choices have influence over what elective you can take in the next years?

4) What college belong Professor Curio to and will we see him in year 2 as Professor?

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