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A few in game questions


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@Legate of Mineta: 1. I was asking whether a mage may face legal action for deliberately forming a familiar bond with another person or animal whom a third party has an interest in. For example, if a greedy mage with great skill with the familiar bond were to want a certain horse, he/she might, I assume, bond with the horse as a familiar. Might the owner of the horse have a legal claim against the mage or the right to restrict how the mage uses the horse?

2. Familiar bonds formed in the womb? wow! I presume that they are very rare - am I right? Do any students at Academagia have such bonds?

3. How common is it for a student to arrive at Academagia with so little experience with magic as to have no familiar? It must happen sometimes - there are two ways in which the PC can be such a mage.

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I would go with something more fantastic sounding, such as a Katherbenbobble.

Because it would be so lore appropriate if a elder mage just made up a random name for it when calling one of his apprentices to retrieve it, and for some reason or other the name just stuck. :)

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