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A few in game questions


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I was wondering if the bond between familiar and wizard is strong enough to tie the two's lifespans together? I ask since the usual familiar (your average rabbit or what have you) usually wouldn't live very long in human standards. Likewise some animals have a longer lifespan than humans. (Surely a being such as Pamela could transcend the lifespan of mere humans).


I'm also curious as to where the line is drawn between Elumia and the surrounding nations (if nations is the right word for it). (Sorry for these kind of questions, but I have a fondness for these sort of things :blush: )



Also! I was wondering if there is an estimate of the number of actual dragons killed back in the rebellious days? (was it few 0-5, some 10-50ish, many 100-1000, lots 1000-10000, loads 10000+, or genocide?)

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No, there's nothing tying a Familiar's life span to that of the Wizard, although *most* Familiars are particularly long-lived and do in fact die with the Wizard.


Elumia is everything on the map, with the general exception of Oursouk in the south, although that's more the result of political, rather than geographic, considerations. Historically, Elumia was that area ruled by the New Gods, which on that map would be everything except the far north and north-east and Oursouk.


Real data is lacking, but the named Dragons slain number in the dozens. Your mileage may vary, based on which account, by which source, is used. The result was definitely not genocide; even in this age Dragons are known to exist.

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I wondering about the relationship of the College's so I can thry to prevent a clique with 2 or more College's that at a kind of war against each other.

As much my Chars love interesting things to be hapening the problems of a breaking clique at the start of year 2 is nothing I whant to have hapen.

(Sorry if this is already posted at a other place and I just missed it.)

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Down with Durand! :P


*cough* anywho. I was kind of wondering how much ghosts are able to affect their surroundings. I'm asking cause I've taken up Klldarkness' wand challange and gotten this quite good (and long <_< ) adventure in mind but I would prefer to write it as true to the world as possible.


My idea of ghosts are:

Able of speech and thought.

Minor abilities of shape-chaning. (Change age, grow in size...)

Doesn't do all that much, maybe following a rutine they had while they were alive.

Transparent to a certain degree (like all the usual cartoon ghosts, the slightly transparent bedsheet).

Can have retained some of their spell-casting abilities, but not much.

Keeps their mental attitude from when they were alive.


Any of this is bang-on wrong?

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Sure! The way it most often plays out is:


Aranaz vs. Durand

Avila vs. Godina

Morvidus vs. Vernin


...Hedi doesn't have a traditional rival.

So is like,


Artifice vs Negation

Astrology vs Incantation

Revision vs Enchant


...and Glamour is too friendly to have rival.

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Any ghost has a spirit anchor (as do entities summoned by Gates), which allows it to manifest in the world. If you destroy or disrupt this anchor -usually the former- the spirit returns from whence it came. There are many folk (and religious) remedies, but this is what is taught at the Academagia. Anchors can be found by deduction, because it is usually involved in the reason the ghost remains in Elumia, or by a (very) specialized form of Negation.


Spirits cannot be killed, per se, just returned to wherever they came.

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Hmm my ghost in question has more 'lingered' than been summoned, but I suppose that your reply mirrored a thought I had myself... not that it makes it particularly easy to continue my story though! (Always been easier when you can just destroy what you don't like ;))

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