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A few in game questions


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1. If a plant or animal (or person) is strongly cultivated from an early stage of development through magic, would there be any lasting signs of that magical influence long after there was no more need of magic? If so, how would these signs manifest?

2. Are there any mental dangers associated with long-term transformation spells? If a person was transformed into a mouse for a year or more, would they have developed any mouse like habits, and if so, would that be of magical, or just circumstantial influence? 

3. Regarding the spell Orsi casts on the PC during a story to give them a lot of spellcasting knowledge temporarily, after a spell like that dissapates, what would the target of that spell remember regarding their actions? Would they remember the experience of casting the spells from that temporary knowledge, and would it make casting said spells in the future easier?  What is the history behind that spell?

4. Is it possible to permanently repair, say, a broken window, even if it had been broken a very long time ago? Or do such repairs need to be done within a certain timeframe before it becomes quite difficult?

5. Could a student get away with reciting rhymes on Mastery and Gates? Nothing revolving on how to use the magic. More anecdotal stuff. Perhaps something like the fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm on steroids...?

6. Has a love potion ever been botched in the following manner? Imagine: Instead of a potion to make a person fall in love with the first person they see, it instead causes everyone who sees the person who consumed it to fall in love with them.

7. Are there any professors at the Academagia who have seen a Dragon first hand? (ignoring any who may be in disguise) and if so, are there any who have survived battle with one? If there aren't any currently, can your tell us about the last one that has been acknowledged to do so?

8. How popular is Rimbal with the girls on campus? It seems like mostly a boy's sport, but I imagine there's nothing keeping a girl from playing apart from desire to do so.

9. Since an islands water eventually replenishes itself, I was wondering if anyone has ever tried bottling up all of the water available on one of the smaller islands to see if it will still replenish itself after it is all locked in with none to escape. I am simply curious if it is known if existing sources are truly infinite or not.

10. So, has anyone taken a few hundred pounds of popcorn and found a way to pop it all in the great hall during lunch? That seems like a good prank that would double as a tasty treat for everyone who has to put up with school lunches!

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On 3/4/2012 at 1:05 AM, Legate of Mineta said:


Negation, but also Revision, are strongly involved in protecting oneself [against possession by ghosts].

1. Negation I can understand, but revision? Would one be revising ghosts in order to distract them or make them have more difficulty possessing one, or would one be revising one's own body for the same reason or something else?

2. Is there an insurance industry in Mineta?

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2. Is there an insurance industry in Mineta?

In fact, I'll bet the areas right next to the Academagia's gates are the best customers! ;)

Legate...Has a faerie ever attended the Academy? As a student? I'll bet there are some bizarre stories if so...

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Regarding that game that Gates mages *used* ;) to play, concerning attempting to summon of a trophy and the prevention of the same...

Where was that played at the Academagia back when it was legal to do, and do any of the trophies from that game still exist on campus?

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