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A few in game questions


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1. What is the #1 reason why students are expelled from the Academagia?

2. Are most of the peculiarities of Icanicix hall the result of Gates enchantments, or would you say that it is more to do with the aura of Gates magic spells lingering on?

3. Any word on the latest block of questions?

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You know, with all the hijinks one can get up to at the Academagia, it honestly did not occur to me that the #1 reason for expulsion would be something as mundane as academic performance. I guess it makes sense, even though I'm sure there are some who manage to get by with bad grades due to extra *cough* donations being made to the school....

Then what's the #2 reason? I guess it would be a very vague and all encompassing reason like "Disciplinary action"? Even though there could be lots of reasons why such an action would be undertaken...

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Hmm and there I thought its lack of money that let most drop out. Because from what you told us one can repeat a year as many times as (s)he want as long the money flows. (So I expected its something like this "After I failed the exam of year 2 for the 3rd time my parents decided to longer pay for the school")

1) Is it possible to earn enough money from part-time jobs to pay for the Tuition from Academagia and is this be done by some older students?

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1 hour ago, Legate of Mineta said:


As long as you have money, you can...but many do not.

1) Not a normal part-time job, no (Academagia is very expensive), but it can be done, especially if you are a talented artisan.

1) Could you put this in jeweler skill level? Would level 40, 30 or even 20 enough to earn this much money?

2) Would it be enough that you say you want to study Incantation at Esteban Contu's School of Incantation to get around the default Incantation class in Godina?

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1) It's hard to say, exactly, but you have to be talented enough and attract enough patrons to get enough money to pay tuition.

2) No- there is a touch of rivalry there. :)

3) No.

4) Cassetta is the only major Cassettan City. :)

5) They are scattered around the City, for the ones that exist.

6) Not giant, no.

7) Such a thing is possible, but as always subject to Duration concerns.

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@Legate of Mineta: 1. Are there any flying crafts (aside from extremely magical devices such as broom-sticks, carpets, etc.) capable of being operated by only one person? Enchantment of mechanisms to allow one person to control an airship would count.

2. Is branding used as a punishment for certain criminals?

3. Has Godina College ever tried to merge the Contu school into it?

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