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A few in game questions


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7 minutes ago, Legate of Mineta said:

Religion is related to Human Genius. They have a contentious relationship with the Imperial Temple, but it is not incompatible with the worship of the New Gods.

Does this mean that it is debatable whether a convert to the Pievrian religion in Mineta would be an apostate from the state religion of the empire of man?

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Given that Y3 is an untold length of time away, I'd like to ask some questions about Y2's game mechanics. without going into too much detail.

1. You've  said that mixing magic will start to be seen in Y2, even though I'm sure we won't even touch the really advanced stuff yet. Will we get to see a little bit of what happens when Gates and Mastery magic is mixed together? (Assuming we put in the effort to do so, of course)

2. Even if we don't cast illegal spells in adventures, will a sufficiently high skill set cause us to have detectable auras? (I know this borders on redacted, but I figured, it would be nice to know how high one can get without seriously using the magic)

3. Will we have a more flexible system of punishments for those who skip classes? Like if you're habitual about missing class, you start getting demerits? I really feel that even if that's too harsh for every class, perhaps there would be one professor that would be notorious for doing so, and some professors don't care so long as you get good grades. Will something like that be implemented?

4. Regarding the mentor system. If we do become mentors, will we all get the same one student to mentor, (like Oan is always ours) or will there be a few that will be randomly chosen?

5. What can you tell us about what's left to do regarding the programming for Y2 to finally get it into our hands? (ignoring things like the save converter)


Now, more lore questions.

6. Who was the youngest child to ever be accepted at the Academagia? I assume it's pretty standardized now, but given how long ago the school was founded, I supposed extraordinary circumstances caused some children under 10 to be considered at some point, even though due to the difficulty of learning magic, it wouldn't be wise to accept many of them too young.

7. Do professors generally frown on a student applying magical knowledge learned from other classes in their own, even if it is sufficiently applicable to the lesson that they're trying to teach?

8. Even after all this time, I still don't have a very good feel for Professor Ringraeyer, compared to almost all the other professors, whom stand out to me in at least one way.. (I think it's that she isn't in many adventures, especially compared to, say, Briardi, or Von Rupprecht. Plus the one major one I think of with her has her Mastered, so it is not a good bar to set for her personality normally.) Can you give me some insight as to what she would think of my desire to be an omni-disciplinarian?

9. Speaking of omni-disciplinarians,  the description of the Corner Sight spell says that none of it's phemes are particularly hard to draw, so it's very probable that it would be a much more common spell if not for having phemes which belong to several different pillars. As just about all spells cast as a first year are  pretty much given to us, with only a  little room given for experimenting within a single pillar, I'd like to ask what *could* happen if I started stringing other simple phemes from multiple pillars together, especially with no experience in how they might interact?

I suppose that the large amount of unknowns is a big part of the reason why Briardi would be so against a student being an omni in the first place. Are there any good stories about deceptively simple spells that can punch and backfire above their weight class due to belonging to different pillars?

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I think the elves in academagian are faeries not unlike how they are depicted in English folklore and in some fantasy setting. 

And there's many kind of elves changeling in Icelandic folklore, small folks kinda like leprechaun or gnomes in modern fantasy with some differences of course


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@Legate of Mineta:1. I know that censorship is known in the Empire of Man. Than having been said, is there a concept of journalistic integrity, or are most/all legal publications as scurrilous as "The Logodaedelo's Roar"?

2. Rikildis von Kiep is the only student, aside from the PC (possibly!) who is not formally studying any pillar of magic during Y1 (with the disputed exception of Orthography). Is this exceptionally rare? What types of courses of study might be open for such a student in future years at the Academagia, if any?

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@Legate of Mineta: For the adventure that I am writing, I assume that benefit of clergy for crimes that are punishable by death substitutes being branded for the death penalty (as happened under English law). I have also assumed that being a member of a pirate crew is in theory punishable by death (though in practice, I do not doubt that many pardons or commutations are granted). Are either of these assumptions wrong?

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@Legate of Mineta: Given that some of the students at the Academagia are not fully human, I presume that the anti-miscegenation laws are only really enforced against the parents, not the children. That having been said, are there certain types of magic that react differently when performed by people with not fully human ancestry? And are any of these divergences so great that the Academagia would not allow non full humans to study certain types of magic? Given that Neta Xemutre, who is about as obviously not fully human as one can be without having horns/tail/etc, is in Hedi, I assume that such restrictions would not be not along the lines of whole pillars of magic, but what about certain types of advanced spells?

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