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A few in game questions


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@Legate of Mineta:

On 2/4/2019 at 2:12 PM, Legate of Mineta said:


The Saints are particularly holy servants of the New Gods, usually famed in a particular aspect of their patron's portfolio. They were blessed by the New Gods with extraordinary powers, and it is believed that they still have the authority to provide blessings of their own, if prayed to.

1. Does this mean that no living person can be a saint?

2. and were all saint blessed by the new gods when the new gods lived among humans?

3. What is the tallest known structure built by humans in the Empire of Man?

4. Is there any known place outside the boundaries of the Empire of Man that is not in regular contact with the Empire of Man yet not surrounded by fantastic rumours that even scholars cannot get behind?

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so I was just wondering......... is there a way to change the name of your character even though you finished y1 or during y1

I ask this because I named my pc for y2 Ray Dom but now I want to call him RayDom Matrayus Magus. 

if not then will we be able to do so in y2

if not then pls tell me theirs a way to do so in the files of the game pls

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Well that’s cool

also in y2 you can switch collages right?

can you convince a student to join your college in y2?

i did Ana Flavia adventure and bassicly saved her from bad luck but she’s in hadi and I in Aranaz 

would be lovely to have her join us and convince her that her cologe did nothing to help her at all and even avoided her as an outcast so that she should join Aranz that pretty much has the student who saved you from a hell of a lot unluckynes and hate

if your just gonna answer redacted........ then can you at least say y2 could allow such a feature to exist? Or is there some sort of engine or other issue to not allow this

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Ana's in Avila, and I doubt she'd fit into Aranaz. If she changes colleges I imagine she'd switch to Vernin, since she mentions wanting to become an enchanter.

And the ability to potentially switch colleges in Y2 was already confirmed, IIRC. At least for the PC. I think NPC students also, if only in specific cases/circumstances, but don't quote me on that.

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Well considering everyone avoids her. It may be hard for her to be appcepted at any other college and I’m guessing she probable has no freinds (I think). convincing her to join the college with the only person who was willing to help her when she was crying and all deplresed really shouldn’t be that hard..... he’ll we could convince von Rupprecht to appcept her since in our hands she can be much more useful .

oh yeah on the subject of Ana Flavia why does it say in her description this?

but in the wrong hands (or the right hands, depending on how you look at it) she could be very useful.

i don’t really see her as amazing in anything? Am I missing something about her character? Is she a prodigy at something?

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Possibly, I just don't think that she'd fit into Aranaz.

It's referring to her curse and how someone could possibly find a way to exploit it, for good or ill. It's not something the PC can do directly, I don't think (at least not if you're in Avila anyhow), and of course once you complete her adventure it becomes a moot point.

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@Raydestroyer: My personal theory is that Ana Flavia, even without the curse, has uses to friends, both in-game and in-story. In-game, her bonus to theory subskills can be very useful. In story... well, same about Theory, but also, her family is old and powerful in magic if not in money, and her cursed wand is probably only one of many artifacts that it may have. Besides, her family is powerful enough to arrange for her to meet with the Sphinx! Then, @Legate of Mineta, when he was more willing to talk about Y2's plot, mentioned that she would be developing an interest in Gates Magic!

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In all my games she is the top student of the academy at least according to Free's grading chart. Of course that's mostly because I intentionally do not let my character blow the exams 'cause I do not think it is worth the extra attention we may get in Y2 as a result. (skipping class ftw and other less legal things...).

Honestly I was also surprised at first that she crushes Zoe and Basia so consistently (Well actually Basia is not that good unfortunately for her she often is not even the Aranaz best student).

Then again classes might be one of the reason. Arithmetic/Geometry/Calligraphy are so easy to classes after all.

Still impressive Ana.

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Ana does pretty good overall. She's typically #2 in my games as well. I'm pretty sure that my gradebook is about 95% accurate. Minute details might be wrong but the overall pattern is surely correct. I'm glad I made that gradebook. When Y2's gradebook comes out, I'll ask the Legate to sticky the thread.

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K just another question...... Probably a lot more in the future

i saw you legate say that blending orthography with other magic pillars can trap spells into scrolls. You also said auras grow through spell casting.

1. could you trap enemy spell casters spells by trapping their spells in scrolls then using it against them or whenever you desired or does it take a while like crafting?

2. also couldn't you by pass the aura growth from illegal pillars of Magic by putting your said illegal magic into scrolls then using the scroll to bypass the aura growth? For example, I make a scroll of gates to go to let's say a pocked dimension I made in my spare time and have full control over or go somewhere.

3. which is faster? Spel casting a spell or using a scroll of the spell? Does it depend on skill

4. Do using scrolls increase ones aura upon use in orthography and what magic what embedded into said scrawl line incantation or gates for example

5. Do creating scrolls create or increase a orthography and whatever magic you used aura, or not at all?

6. Also would creating a pocket dimension require just gates alone or also revision as well? Is it possible? 

7. This is assuming creating your own pocket dimension is possible but do you think we could reach a level of skill in magic during our years in academagia or no, simply too advanced?

8. Can you use like a master wizard scroll spell or is there some minimum of skill you must have to activate scrolls of magic?

9. also pls tell me if you think creating a pocket dimension is possible for pc in future years possible, if not then can you tell me if there's going to be anything related to pocket dimensions in the future for our pc?



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huh, guess I mistaken the 2 skills. well thx for answering them

oh yeah hope you haven't forgotten about my previous question

1. will we be able to convince other students in other collages to join our like Ana flava or prudence to join aranz, hell even our click members like neta for example because she's in my click

2. could y1 or y2 allow such a feature to exist? through adventure or action. I mean engine wise lie there isn't something deterring this from possibly happening


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