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A few in game questions


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i healed Matthew the gate Mage, I just never attended the celebration party or collected the award for finding him

i hope this leads to Matthew viewing us as selfless and only helped him out of the kindness of our heart so we didn't appcept the award bounty on Matthew.

we should have Matthew look for us in y2 and since i never collected the award, he'll give it to us in y2 and probably be more willing to teach us gate magic, after all he has been trying to heal him self with gate magic for like I think 200 to 300 years if I'm not mistaken. Potential gate teacher here besides a certain book

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14 hours ago, Raydestroyer said:

hey legate for my finished pc

1. I was about to finish to the entrance but only needed 1 more action to finish it, could u pls tell me that I can finish it at the beginning of y2........pls 

2. I mean will there be some adventures in y1 that are completable in y2


13 hours ago, Schwarzbart said:

3) Will it be helpful if you have discovered this ("removed") locations in year 1 or will it not matter if you had access to the location before or not for rediscover them?

Edit: @Raydestroyer from what I know the adventures you didn't finish will be checked with the import tool for Y2 and get a ending depend of what you already have done. So yes it actual can be worse to have an adventure started and left unfinished compared to an adventure you never have touched as you might be considered to failed it. Also Adventures you never have touched will be considered to have some sort of ending just without the help of the player! 

because the questions are on the last page I decided to quote them that the Legate can see them

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That idea would probably work better if that bounty on him hadn't been reduced to uselessness in the intervening years since it was posted. Turns out that stuff like stocks in the Empire isn't that valuable anymore after said empire goes belly-up, if I recall sir Huvrest's explanation correctly. The reward you get from the adventure is basically House Grounders buying back the items that are of sentimental value to them, as well as compensation for services rendered since the bounty itself wouldn't do that anymore.

As for Mathew being a potential Gates instructor, Legate can post [redacted] with some sufficiently vague and ominous foreshadow-y statement correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that after being cured Mathew would have been told, on no uncertain terms, to never practice and/or teach Gates magic to anyone else under any circumstances ever, and given what happened to him I doubt he'd ever want to touch the school again. I also recall the adventure mentioning that Mathew actually stopped practising Gates after the bans fell, and who knows what state his memory of that is in after a few centuries.

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5 minutes ago, Legate of Mineta said:


It seems that legally, yes, they are recognized, but practically...not so much.

1. And are many (if not most or even all) goblin leaders descended from the Kingdom of the Fens's aristocracy?

2. Did/Do any other non-human species of similar size (so, excluding sprites) have a kingdom?

3. Was the Kingdom of the Fens formally a vassal of the Empire of Man?

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hey legate 

1. can students do adventures?

2. if they can, will they do the adventures for the students in their clique? provided we haven't done it already that is, would be nice to know theyaren't going to be abonded. 

3,.  has the team considered randomizing y2 in which whether adventures not completed by us will be randomized to have a random student, or more likely someone in their clique, do student adventures or adventures which we the pc ignored or did not start

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So legate 

adventures not completed by us just play out as we were never there right? So like a a student needing help and us not helping her will result in her ending badly right?

and only us the player can do the adventure right? 

1. Will students in y2 be able to do adventures?

2. Will students in y2 at least be able to help each other or friends to not fail or flunk

3. Let's say tabin and kajta are in a clique together, are you saying tabin won't have an impact on her like helping her with her magical difficulties?

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1) No.

2) They can help each other in Y1...they just aren't very wise about it. In general, I would say that the Player is the one who makes the difference here, though.

3) There is an impact, but only indirectly.


4) I think it depends on the character, but in general if you found them valuable in Y1, you are likely to find them valuable in Y2.

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1. I forgot which student but isn't their an random event where you help a student and he says thanks for helping me this time but your of notices this ands "wait, this time?".If anyone can name that student, pls do so. 

The reason I want to know the student bis because I'm wondering if the student is a time traveler or has something time related to him that is time, would be so cool to have a student like that

2. oh yeah, are there any students who have something weird about them that is related to time? Time traveller or anything would be cool

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@Raydestroyer: Well, Lambert Cobo knows a lot about how little about time magic Regent di Lucca Alazzo knows. Furthermore, he was exploring the time-sealed tower with Sima Venesico, who has a mysterious mien, a willingness to use magic that may be mistaken for mastery (hypnosis), and is willing to go through guardian spirits to get magical artifacts for an artifact that she is building for a mysterious purpose. These traits, in combination with her willingness to use other students (especially boys) to do her work for her, leave the possibility that she was using Lambert and Allan Driscoll to explore the time-sealed tower for her own purposes.

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